Thursday, October 28, 2010

my creative space

To display work at markets is always a bit tricky, yes? To find a way to show my smaller multiple pieces (such as nest brooches) without taking up too much of the available space is a puzzle...I have been working away with glues, varnishes, old sheet music and a broken old small wooden and cardboard suitcase this week.

Once its finished I will post it up but I thought I'd share my progress...I am a big fan of white paint glazing and even the incomplete state of it is pleasing me!

I have also been digging through all my pretty tiny remnants of yarns-little pieces lovely Sam Allan made,organic and hand dyed and oh so soft...I don't have many left at all now, juts enough for small flowers like these

The centre is a bead made with crochet cotton, remnants from biddy bags donated to me. The inner blue piece is from Sam and the outer piece is a yarn dyed myself, which turned out (well how to put this delicately...err...I can't!) very blood like, accidentally mind you!

And this one is made from a bunch of mixed yarns picked up at a garage sale and the beautiful button has come from someones old stash...with buttons all mixed together I've no idea anymore who gave me each one.

Each yarn though has a story I remember, maybe in part because I linger over each one sooo much when I first receive or buy them??

And finally meet Mr Koala here-I call him stumpy. I don't have enough yarn left for his legs and arms-I have a funny idea though which may or not work, therefore may or may not be followed up on here...

creative spaces here...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happiness riches...

I have the 'day off'. No appointments, or places to be, so I sat down and finished glad to have finally finished this creature...poor ami lemur got left at this point for far too long.

Not very dignified is it? It was so much harder to create than the earlier ones...

I don't usually choose black yarn and found it's really tricky to differentiate the stitches and follow them-its just one dark shadowy thing and I had to guess where to put the hook through. He is definitely going to be a one-off, although there's no saying what other colours a crochet lemur could be, is there?

Now I have to share three lovely was having one of my sons featured in a local art exhibition held at the Redcliffe art gallery. The artist photographed, sketched and recorded many Moreton bay locals to create a large montage. This photo of my cherished littly melts my heart even more than usual and I must go back and listen out for his voice...

Number 2 on the happiness list was recieving this gorgeous softy from the
earthly creative maker, Rebecca.

We were swap partners in the clip cafe swap challenge and we were totally rapt to recieve this beautiful peaceful looking seahorse.

He is hanging on our bathroom door and faces the kitchen and has such a calm look about him. Rebecca is very eco concious and she picked out some special vintage buttons, because she knows how much I love them, the toy is even filled with a special non toxic corn based filling! Impressive eco cred and beautiful to boot! :o) Thanks sooo much!!! We LOVE him.

And happy moment number 3 was being very much featured and thanked on one of my all time favourite blogs by beautiful Alice...her blog is a cheerful, generous place where there's always a bright and beautiful photo and a story or two...make yourself a cuppa and then head to
crochet with Raymond and settle in for a lovely long read...


Saturday, October 23, 2010


The only word to come even close to how I felt when holding this old english sheep dog puppy is besotted. And it feels like a pale and silly word to express such a deep joy, deep peace...

look at his dear little face!!
So lovely sitting still and feeling all the great things of loving, of giving.
Now I probably ought to be in bed right now but will first squeeeeeze in a tiny message tonight; I will be back at Northey street Village life market Sunday...which is tomorrow...quite late notice really!

Also I am so happy to share that I have been selected to
co ordinate the Village life market as Anaheke and Faith move onto different work and travels.

I will still be a stall-holder(with my own dash robin goodies), sharing as usual with lovely Ange and her gorgeous felt creations.
I love this market and the opportunity to work with both the existing stall holders, Northey street community and staff is exciting me no end...

ps- if you have no idea what this market is head here!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

creative space pretty things.

I spent some time with lovely Sarah Campbell in her new salon, it is sooo beautiful!
She has been working hard and has cast a careful eye over every detail. My favourite detail is the beautiful original art deco light
And check out the wallpaper, isn't it just divine.

And she has teamed it with this...perfect.
Her salon is not your run of the mill hairdresser, she has created a beautiful serene space and has carefully sourced cruelty free and organic products.
For now I have left some tree, bird and flower brooches but I have some little thoughts bubbling away about designs which will suit the's inspiring to have my work in such a lovely place.

I made a little sign up for my display, with this collage, one of my first dash robin pieces, back when I thought I would sell coasters(!) Anyway, it is still one of my favourite images and I hope suits her decor.

Onto other things now, I enjoyed the clear skies yesterday, didn't you?
Being creative is so fun when you can sit outdoors, working under a shady tree with birds telling their tales in branches above.
I sat in my yard working on some crochet and noticing...have you ever observed how many Australian native plants have red stems and shoots in spring? They look almost edible they are so fresh and rich coloured- like berries.
And I was so excited to realise the poor, stunted (cut down, now re shooting) Jacaranda tree in my backyard is blooming too...what a survivor!

have a beautiful week,
link if you are playing along with kootoyoo here

p.s- please click here to find out more about Sarah's hair and make up services

Monday, October 18, 2010

photographing work effectively.

Despite the spring windy rainy weather I got outside a little bit last week and following some tips from a selection of wonderful links which Melanie of Kimono reincarnate posted.
I decided to do a few new photo shoots with my latest work, and try and get some better ones of my older things. I tried to capture the fuzzyness of the upcycled felt in the pine tree
(dash robin tree brooch)

the softness of this linen-cotton blend thread...(dash robin nest brooch)
and the texture contrasts here of the glass and thread and bark.

Shape and colour was the main thing I was concerned about capturing here, in this last image. This is such a fantastic piece of fabric-I found it in a second hand/antiques shop in nearby Deagon, can you believe it was once a 60's floral cushion cover?
(dash robin bird brooch)
I'd love to know what you think!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

spring blooms

Can you tell whats been inspiring me lately?

Such gorgeous blossoms!
another Jacaranda fan here...
...what an amazing tree!
P.s-small lot (only 3 made-so far) of brooches available via here now

Monday, October 11, 2010

happy wet brisstyle indie mother and baby market

When it rains it pours in South East Queensland...

Friends drop by though, despite the weather ;o)

And friends and customers also braved the rains to join the joy of the Brisstyle mother and baby market.
I was delighted with my first dash robin stall at the Brisstyle market, meeting lovely fellow brisstylers -beautiful and generous Sam of Jettas nest, who came along just to lend a hand :o) and sweet Rebecca of Edward and Lily with her exquisite brooches and embroidery and my stall neighbour, gorgeous Teri showcasing her delicate designs of pass the parcel...
so many more too! And all the customers are more like friends, so sweet and generous with praise and suggestions.
I can't wait to attend the Brisstyle Eco Market and see all the other eco crafters...
(and I'm sure to come home with more of my new friends lovely eco arts crafts works!)

There were so many mums and dads carrying adorable babies and children I simply couldn't resist taking one home...
she's been very quiet and well behaved since I retrieved her from her basket...

(see below)

If you'd like to find out more about Brisstyle head here.
This week the amazing Melinda has posted up a dash robin interview
She has thankfully worked magic with my wandering thoughts!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sweet nothings...

the last steps of making a softy always amuse me-the incomplete toys look so wacky!

err. actually the complete toys kinda look wacky too ;o)

Monday, October 4, 2010


This lemur will be finished Saturday by hook or by crook...
(hee, hee, hee, I know it's a terrible pun!)
Sorry for that , I am too busy crafting and stocking up for some big market events to think of quality jokes...this weeks big preparation is for the fabulous Brisstyle mumma and baby indie market.

I have been sewing and crocheting flat chat, I am surrounded by the sweetest little faces...elephants, cats, birds, butterflies...I will be bringing along all my new amigurumi creatures for older kids (yes, and adults), and for toddlers lots of 'hot of the press', (or at least the sewing machine) softies-no buttons or bits.

I am enjoying a burst of inspiration after running a school holiday monster toy workshop last week. It was good fun working with the sweet young folk...and they did a great job!

This squishy guy was made by one of the girls, she crafted him out of a well worn old striped shirt of mine in less than 2 hours- don't you agree she did an awesome job?!
Back to the hook, ciao