Friday, August 1, 2014

Crochet in the garden-love heart pattern

 I am getting my yarn and craft items ready for the What's Cooking festival once more. I have made a little love heart pattern for this years event and am sharing it here with you! I also have put in a few photos of some wildlife we saw on a recent trip to Carnarvon gorge in Queensland. Enjoy!

Heart Pattern

UK terminology.
Using any size hook and yarn. Most would use a size 3.5-4 hook and a DK or 8ply yarn.

Make a slip knot around hook.
Chain 5 and slip stitch into fifth chain from hook to form a ring.
First round : Chain one. Make 8 double crochet (DC) into the ring and join with a slip stitch to first DC.

Second round : Make one chain stitch.  Make five half trebles into the next stitch. Make one half treble into each of next 2 stitches .Make a half treble, chain one and make another half treble into the next stitch. Half treble in next 2 stitches. Five half trebles into next stitch. Slip stitch into next stitch. 
Finish by pulling yarn into knot and weaving in ends.