Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honeycomb cowl

 This is my latest piece, a neck warmer, hot of the hook ;o)

For those 'in the know' about crochet it features FDPC and mostly shells and was truly enjoyable to make.It is a beautiful texture-its title is 'honeycomb' and I can really see it but I am not sure the photo here will give enough detail, I reduced it to sepia to try and show it better...

It's light weight, made in sock weight wool, which was lovely to use and results in a very supple and scrunchable end product..great for end of season wear but probably not warm enough for mid winter. Next time I think I'll make it in a thick natural chunky yarn to see how it looks-maybe a Fauve Fibre if I can get some this weekend at Village life.
I love it when Sally comes-her yarn is addictive, I think! What's your latest craft obsession?
xoHappy creating

Sunday, July 24, 2011

shadow shot

Thanks to harriet for linking up shadow shot Sunday again...
yesterday in the time between my first brown owl craft meet up (drinking tea, chatting and doing crochet) and my first fire twirling and eating workshop (avoiding setting myself on fire by keeping a flame moving) I took some pictures. Maybe to try and mentally bridge the gap.
Anyway, the shadow on the top leaf looks a bit like a cute weirdly shaped snail? Anyone else see it?
x Happy creating Kate

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Along the way to Bribie Island we noticed a little nondescript museum, 'the abbey' and decided to stop in.
Some helluva cool stuff in there, including some really old books with fantastically surreal religious imagery, this one represents the eye of god looking down at hands of the 'wicked'
its so funny (god looks a bit like a peeping tom), I'd love to have it on t shirt!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Give away time

Give away time! The birds convinced me it was time!

To enter you need to share 2 silly things about yourself and share this give away with at least one person, entered/shared by Friday...fair ?
So friends/family can enter but must share something I don't already know!!
You can enter by leaving a comment here or on my facebook page, if you comment here please make sure to leave an email contact.
And the prize?
A custom made bird brooch (your choice of bird); a mystery extra gift. Includes postage...

To kick it off-
1-I LOVE old musicals-the cheesier the better ('singing in the rain' is the best ever film for me! Good morning to you)
2- As a child I wanted to be an 'olympic' roller skater-dancer
(I can't believe there wasn't and still isn't a roller skate/dancing olympic sport...synchronised swimming and no disco skating-what is that?? hmm, shhhhh, keep this on the down low but maybe I still want to be an disco skater...) :o)

xoGood Luck
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

koala bag

Oh,I really, really love how this turned out.
It's a reversible bag made out of a vintage koala print linen tablecloth-beautiful but a little stained. It was part of a small cherished collection of vintage tablecloths entrusted to me to make into some special items. It was a good challenge to work around the marked areas by selectively cutting the fabric and 'hiding' stains with pockets!
I made a skirt (scroll down to june 30th to see it) and this reversible bag. The other side features a gum tree blossom and doiley pocket...

Happy creating, xo Kate

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

birds coming along...

I have been making some little brooches lately -the pink robin was inspired by my recently mentioned sightings of robins (and many other birds) while camping at Binna Burra.
I have always had a soft spot for kingfishers too and occasionally see them in the wetlands-such pretty colours...

Frustratingly, I lost one of the Kingfisher brooches when it just needed a backing to finish it, I felt so cranky about it I couldn't even look at the rest tonight!
So I made a bag instead of finishing anymore...
Thank goodness, I love how the bag turned out, sometimes crafting can really bring me down when I can't resolve something or when something takes ages to make and looks nothing like I envisioned it to...but this one is so good, I can't wait to give it to my friend (even though I wish I could keep it!) I just have to fix up the handle and it'll be done. Pics soon,
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Binna burra

Aww. A little rose robin, spotted at beautiful Binna Burra.

I have been considering starting another blog for my nature and garden images...but as my habit of observing/loving nature inspires me so much, especially in making my art I really can't separate it out like that!

However; if you come looking purely for dash robin craft please feel free to use the label search!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hello! Hope you're enjoying midwinter and keeping warm...I headed down to beautiful chilly Kyogle to visit a lovely crafty friend Rowena who along with making beautiful felt brooches and toys also co ordinates a art and craft market.

Held once a month in Lismore, at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium the cleverly named 'con artists market' is similar in many ways to Village life market(which I co ordinate in Brisbane), local, eco friendly crafters and artisan makers gathering.
It was great to hang out with Rowena and discuss all things market and craft-we stayed up 'til 2.30 drinking tea, crafting and chatting...we're calling it our 'nannas big night out.' We sleepilly attended the con artists market the next day! I enjoyed chatting to the other stallies, making a few sales of gloves and brooches and the experience of being a visitor...unfortunately I forgot to take photos so here's a piccy of some gloves I sold (at least 'til Rowena emails some through to me!)

Back in Brisbane I was excited to head along to todays Village life market as Northey street were hosting the ANTaR Sea of hands celebration for NAIDOC week. I always love co ordinating when there's something exciting happening and this was wonderful-the sun came out for us!

ANTaR organised banner painting, music, story telling, bush tucker presentation, welcome to country from Uncle Des and an installation of beautiful coloured hands. The sea of hands-represented 'hands up for native title and reconciliation...' What a beautiful colourful way to share a message!

Well, I hope you've all had great weekends, happy creating, xoKate