Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree brooches..

I have had some lovely feedback about my brooches lately. It is so special to know they are loved- I love making them too. It's a very eco friendly process, I hand felt recycled woollen clothing, cut out small shapes and piece together and embroider a picture on each one.  I used to do little plans first with drawings and paintings but now I make them up as I go and pull out the stitches if they don't look right...it's fun and peaceful all at once. These are my latest and are available at
-Reverse Garbage in Woollongabba,
-Cultiver in Ipswich,
-Village Life market, every Sunday 8-12, Northey Street city farm, Windsor
or this Friday 10-4 at a special market at Bleeding heart cafe and gallery on Ann Street,  Brisbane

Take care folks, xkate

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Plant dyeing...

A friend Lesa and I have been experimenting with dyes created from locally found plant materials. I have used non toxic food colour to dye wool previously but I am keen to try 'going local' with my dye materials. 

The process is hit and miss, we tried using these gorgeously colourful silky oak flowers and got next to no colour :o) 
I really enjoy not knowing what will happen and learn best by doing and trying.

We found some lovely colours in mango leaves and bark and also lemon myrtle leaves and bark. 
(If you are keen to try using tree materials please remember barks must always gathered from small twigs not from the tree trunk, so as not to damage the tree.)

Here is some lovely merino, mohair and alpaca blend wool soaking up some lemon myrtle dye...

I love the scents released from boiling the lemon myrtle. 

The finished dyed yarns in skeins. 

I noticed tonight while looking through some photos taken at Stradbroke Island how similar the colours turned out to the tones in these Banksia pods. 

I will have a selection of yarns available at my next markets so catch me at the 
Village life market every Sunday 8-12 at Northey Street, Windsor
or the annual Brisstyle eco market on the 12th November 
or the Fairtade and Sustainable Fair at Peace hall, 
102 Macdonald rd, Albion from 10-2 this Saturday. 
Bye 'til then, happy creating,