Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello! I am feeling full and lazy because I have been enjoying some yummy pain du campagne bread today. I picked up a loaf from Sol bread which is my fave bakery chain in Brisbane, they have shops in West end and New farm, a stall at Northey streets Sunday market, and maybe even more places, not sure?
Anyway, they make all sorts of breads, but specialise in sourdough. By happy coincidence my taste buds specialise in sourdough :o)

I stopped in quickly after dropping off some brooches and toys to Echoes Giftshop, in West end. Echoes is inside the premises of Reverse garbage and to have your work stocked there you have to use at least 75% recycled or reused materials. They take work on consignment(yay-no upfront fees!) and proceeds go back into their organisation to fund their education programs.

These brooches are a good example of the kind of thing I am interested in; re-purposing high quality materials. These are discs of thick clean white felt, used in the transportation of glassware, afterwards instead of ending up in landfill, these are collected by Reverse garbage. I purchased them from their shop front, decorated them with embroidery, stitched a brooch backing onto them and now they have returned to the premises, in the gift shop for sale. The only thing I have not yet found are recycled brooch pins. If anyone has any leads on this I'd love to hear of them, as my aim is to use only recycled items.

I am happy to have been able to create this 100% recycled baby cloud toy. I filled it with ordinary polyester stuffing offcuts from an upholsterers, which are again, from reverse garbage- clean, fresh and totally usable.
The bird symbol was a fine red woollen jumper, felted, and the white material is again, reverse garbage offcuts, from clothing manufacturing. Even the sewing thread is from reverse garbage!
I love using stuff which was otherwise destined to become rubbish-it really feels great, and seems so useful. Why do we continue to buy new materials, and manufacture and import so much stuff when we have vast stores of things, overflowing, cluttering up homes and businesses?

There are some things we have to buy new of course, but lots of crafting supplies, I suggest we simply buy new, without really considering the impact, source, workers who've made them ,etc, etc...
Anyway, I feel so passionate about this but will stop now to hopefully avoid becoming a 'ranter' !
Before I sign off I thought I'd show you my new glasses, picked up just today-how strangely comfortable they are to wear! I thought they'd be heavy and hurt my nose as I have never worn glasses before, but they feel great...what do you think?
My goofball son is pulling a face to show what he thinks of them, he told me, "you look good in them" after a pause, he amended it to 'not
really good, but good."
Hope you're having a really good week,

Monday, November 29, 2010

home life-thrifting finds

Hello! Hope alls well! I have been doing some much overdue tidying today, with 3 markets on the past weekend our place desperately needed some attention.

It's looking about as good as it'll ever get! This vintage op shop found table cloth is one of my new favourite things(it even came with four matching napkins and only cost five bucks!)
In the background is also my new vintage suitcase-such a beautiful blue.

I was on a bit of a house tidying roll so began pulling out bits and pieces which are festive, to brighten up the place in the lead up to Christmas. What do you think of these crochet red irish leaves strung onto white chain with bobble tops?

I pulled out this fella, too, I see no reason why he should only come out at Easter-he took so long to make and is surely cute enough to be out more often!?

Tripitaka gave it all his approval, he's always happy with more stuff to pull down!

have a great week,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did you go to the Christmas market ? Wasn't it sweet?
From my perspective, turning up and setting up, and not having any other responsibilities on the night when I have my kids with me is fantastic.
The spaces are allocated and the tables all set, I just have to put out my pieces.
And littlest one even helped stock my table by whipping up some quick paintings.
He sold this one last night and a few more today and was stoked to make enough to get a book ('Roll over pavlova' ) with the proceeds on the way home.

I created these new birds yesterday-lambswool felt from upcycled knit wear, red linen vintage fabric on the back, filling from reverse garbage and recycled yarn wings!
Even the floss embroidery thread (eyes) was scored from an op shop-so pleased to be able to get some great high quality materials, locally and give them a new use. They are sort of chick/partridge like and they are lovely to hold and to prop against each other. I am not too humble to admit I really love them!

Can you spot them amongst the spread of goodies here? This is the pop up shop Chrissy, Sam and I created today, outside lovely Michelle's nook shop. Along the front here is some apron decorating-it seems the love of old aprons goes hand in hand with crafting, between us we have quite the collection! It all looked very pretty!

We enjoyed ourselves and all left for home with some spending money and some swapped treasures- some dash robin bird brooches and a toy cat were exchanged for a gorgeous whale water painting print from Jettas nest (Sam)and fabbo necklace and ring from my nostaligic feeling (Chrissy)
I love swapsys' at markets!
hope you're enjoying your weekend,

Friday, November 26, 2010

excitement building!

This gives an idea of what my house currently looks like...over balancing piles of craft bits in various containers....
and attempts at prop making in the theme of Christmas!
It's been really tricky to get these cardboard trees to stand up-glue wasn't doing it but the old slot method seems to be doing the trick.

Because I have the Christmas BrisStyle markets in Hamilton tonight, then a pop up shop outside nook tomorrow in West end, I am completely excited today and buzzing with energy and ideas....and Christmas spirit (no other spirits, honest.)

Imagine the joy/relief of having presents sorted before December even begins!? That's my plan, to knock it all off and get my hand made local pressies at markets, support my friends and look super funky in the process!

And do I, or do I not totally rock this Santa hat?*
So come and visit the cool chick at the markets....then pop over to me and say hello**
*answer is, alas, not
**bring me a brownie (subliminal message)
P.S-Lucy won the dash robin bird brooch! Woot, woot-she's a gem!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

blogging giveaway

My cat Tripitaka keeps presenting an offering for me...its an over sized bird brooch I made for my bag, and he finds it, 'kills it' and drops it at my bedroom door, its very amusing and a whole lot nicer than finding a real bird there.

I keep him indoors 95% of the time. The other 5% is when he has crept out. I never thought I would keep a cat indoors, because I think its sort of a prison like existence for an animal but after Max was killed by a car I seem to have become very protective. And Trippy is such a hunter, I have to protect the wildlife! I have never had a cat like him, he's on the hunt virtually every moment he's awake...even in the piccy above he has his paw on a bird ;O)

And speaking of birds....
you can enter my little dash robin bird brooch giveaway at the dash robin facebook page.
There is lots of dashy things happening, so much so that to keep you in the loop would create one helluva dull blog so I plan to use my facebook more as an updates place,
while on here more old school sharing thoughts and images blogging!
You can however take a look over yonder at the market list...(for example to see the 3
different markets I'll be at this weekend -with kids in tow-what was I thinking!!!)

So if you have a facebook account, become a fan of dash robin and this will also keep you up to date about all the dashing about going on :o)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

so many clouds, so little rain

What a funny old overcast weekend. Barely a drop fell but it was so continually grey!
With the role of co ordinating the northey street village life market I am out and about in all weather and actually finding it's kind of all good, if I'm in a good natural environment...these sunflowers from Northey street this morning were such a gorgeous contrast to the grey skies
-they are the extroverts of the flower world!

These are some other nature shots...this was taken at Newfarm park a week or so ago, I love lying on the grass there and looking up at the tall tree branches on sunny days...

these funny looking flowers just popped up or out in my (very very neglected) garden.
I don't know what they are but they have never been tended in the slightest bit, so they must be hardy.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, xkate

Thursday, November 18, 2010

my creative space

With special christmas markets coming up and my love of birds 'tis only right that I am making some bird brooches.

And I am sneaking in some crochet despite the weather-here's a flowery little detail...

This yarn for the flower detail is from the delicious fauve fibres bundle which I added to my stash. It's the top ball in this picture but is going fast! So happy using these lovely yarns!

I'm off to see what you've all been doing :o)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Donate today!

Northey street community farm is an amazing place, one that has given me many opportunities to learn and meet like minded people.
To find out for yourself about how Northey street supports social enterprise, local community, environmental awareness and education and much, much more read here...
and for the whole month of November and December Jack Johnson is matching dollar for dollar all donations recieved up to a value of US $2500.
Almost makes me want to sing for joy, but hmm, I think I will leave that to the experts!!
'wrong turn' is my favourite Jack Johnson song....whats yours?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello, hello. These are shots around Northey street from Sunday, it was lovely strolling about with a cup of chai in hand. I know I bang on about it but it's such a beautiful space. My favourite things are the flowers,

the cakes
the chooks
and the shady resting spots. Bliss.

It's been a pretty restful couple days, my littlest one has been home sick so we did a bit of painting together...I was tinkering about with an old sheet of music...

my son calls it doctor love(hee, hee!)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

wood and wool

These are fingerless gloves, made with one of the Fauve fibre yarns-a suggestion was something lacy to show off the yarn...this was about the right level of lace for me and the yarn...I was so excited to share notice the needing to be woven in end!

They are really soft and light to wear. Here's another, a self timer shot which worked out a lot better than the one above!

Okay, so this is the least seasonally appropriate project I could possibly choose to make but there's never a bad time of year to finish things is there-this is something I knitted back in Autumn and all it needed was a button...and at the Brisstyle eco market I picked up a lovely button, made by Becs dad from scraps of wood.

I sanded down the edges and etched some holes into it, rubbed in some white paint and voila-a button fit for a shawl!

I also finished a few more nest brooches this morning...

I am off to take my youngest to his circus class but have a lovely weekend everyone and don't forget...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

finding the right home...

I made this little doll a couple years ago and she faithfully came along to nearly every market I attended since. Last Sunday at the latest Northey street Village life market she was picked up, looked over and not put back down. She finally was matched to the right person...and what a sweet feeling it is to see something you've made go to someone who cherishes it.

I am completely cherishing my latest purchases too. In fact I was practically having a photographic love affair with these little babies today!
I always seem to bring home wool and feel a bit excessive and worry about having materials that are totally surplus to my needs, but in this instance of spontaneous shopping I have no regrets at all. Not-ta one!
These precious Fauve fibres have found the right place with me.
I don't really know what I'll make yet, but boy, it has to be sooooo special!

This green toned one is 10 ply and is amazing to touch...it's from a bluefaced Leicester Aran, which I was told is the 'poor mans cashmere'...I don't know much at all about the various sheep's and wools but, wow, I agree because it feels perfectly luxurious.

This amazing skein has silk spun through the wool too-I love looking at all those tiny flecks of light and dark, so rich and luscious....

The gorgeous smaller orange toned one is delightfully fine and is going to be perfect for making some new flowers. When I bought these yarns they presented to me were in this beautifully screen printed bag...sigh. Maybe I need to coin a new term for this-its not really retail therapy, maybe 'market therapy' ? Any other suggestions and importantly any ideas for projects with my new yarns!?
for more creative space outs go here

Monday, November 8, 2010

market days

Brisstyle eco market was so lovely. Setting up stall under a big shady tree was perfect and before the market officially started I zipped around the market and collected a few special goodies.
I have just about ticked off my entire Christmas shopping list. In the photo above you can see a beautiful silky oak owl brooch from Jettas nest, first edition of Bespoke magazine, plushy turtle toy from little jellygnite, air plant by Nell of feybles
and little soaps which will be perfect stocking fillers from warm sigh.

I will be spending some time this week working on brooches and toys, photographing them, etc because happilly I need to make more stock. It's really a joy and so satisfying to be making and selling what I love, that my little dream for dash robin of using materials (which I adore)-organic hand dyed yarns and special vintage remnants is being realised. Thanks to all the supporters of independent eco friendly craft who make this happen!

My music collage suitcase worked brilliantly for displaying my brooches and I have also just found out my lovely friend Nerida has grabbed a vintage blue suitcase for me which will be joining my eclectic collection of props and stands :o)

I had such a great day Saturday, loved sharing the eco stall with Vanessa, of little original who is back on the scene after a small break from the market scene-with very good reason!
I had a delightful morning meeting her adorable new bubsy.

It's really wonderful to display dash robin creations alongside her works, our items are unique and distinct from each others yet seem to really work well together. We will be sharing again soon at the upcoming Brisstyle designers market and I can't wait.

I think its true to say we are 'fans' of each other..we have down a couple of swaps and I am happy to have a few stunning little original vintage fabric and doily chickens and ducks decorating my house. They look gorgeously warm and friendly and children love them so much.

I will be updating soon about Village life too,
so please check back later in the week, won't you!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

eco market

Not much to write of, or rather time to write it in as I am head down, tail up working away on brooches and other little eco lovelies for this weekend...I have the big Brisstyle eco market Saturday and my regular Village life market too.