Tuesday, November 23, 2010

blogging giveaway

My cat Tripitaka keeps presenting an offering for me...its an over sized bird brooch I made for my bag, and he finds it, 'kills it' and drops it at my bedroom door, its very amusing and a whole lot nicer than finding a real bird there.

I keep him indoors 95% of the time. The other 5% is when he has crept out. I never thought I would keep a cat indoors, because I think its sort of a prison like existence for an animal but after Max was killed by a car I seem to have become very protective. And Trippy is such a hunter, I have to protect the wildlife! I have never had a cat like him, he's on the hunt virtually every moment he's awake...even in the piccy above he has his paw on a bird ;O)

And speaking of birds....
you can enter my little dash robin bird brooch giveaway at the dash robin facebook page.
There is lots of dashy things happening, so much so that to keep you in the loop would create one helluva dull blog so I plan to use my facebook more as an updates place,
while on here more old school sharing thoughts and images blogging!
You can however take a look over yonder at the market list...(for example to see the 3
different markets I'll be at this weekend -with kids in tow-what was I thinking!!!)

So if you have a facebook account, become a fan of dash robin and this will also keep you up to date about all the dashing about going on :o)



spectacularfairywren said...

yay for you responsible cat owner. I remember waking up to a BAT!! yes a bat in my room as a wee girl.

Cute birdies. Love them

Kirsten said...

how funny about the bird brooch! what is it with cats and wool anyway? last night i had out a couple of mohair beanies i made and merli did his usual swipe them off where they were, pull them onto the floor and attack them with great gusto. yowling at us to come at see what he'd caught too!

Photography said...

Those birds are darling! Great colours.

Anonymous said...

He is soooooooooooooooooo cute!
Ask his angels to protect him and kepp him safe kate :O) Meanwhile, you are protecting the local wildlife!!!!!