Sunday, July 26, 2009

winter delights

These beautiful wattle flowers are so uplifting, they sparkle in the afternoon sun, like the glossy green feathers on this gorgeous duck. My parents love visiting Brisbane in winter and spending time with them helps me to slow down and enjoy these simple pleasures.

It is lovely to have their observations on things I overlook or take for granted. We go places I ordinarily wouldn't and it's both comforting and interesting to have them visit to my home.

It has been chilly at night and some of the breezes-wooh, they get right under your skin, but it's good to be able to pull on the hoodies(see hoodlums below!), scarfs, coats and beanies, for this all too brief season.

These below are my newest little creations-crochet fortune cookies! I need to do some searching to find the right kind of messages to place inside, something comforting and wise? Once this is done they will be ready with all my purses,brooches,etc for the Avid Reader craft market this Friday night.

I am attending for the first time, and am looking forward to being back in good ol' West End...hope to catch up with what other craftsters' are doing and have a cup of tea. I will be deeply tempted by all the lovely books and food inside the store...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

quiz time!

This is my first ever quiz! So go on and have a try, it'll be fun!

Which one of these images does not contain a real puppy?




Ha, ha.
Not really a quiz at all... merely a thinly disguised opportunity to post some really cute photos of some leetle, teeny english sheep dog puppies.
The gorgeous bubbas had not even opened thier eyes yet, will I see anything so adorable again?

They are growing so fast, they will be HUGE! Only a few weeks old now and they are making thier first little attempts at barking and are already this big! Its hard to see from these images but they were the size of small guinea pigs...

And the other pup? He is a handsome fellow, I made following a pattern in 'more softies.'
He was made up from a beautiful piece of vintage red and cream spotted linen(op shopped-50cents!!), and he has a instant antique look about him, charming.

He is posing inside the lighted cabinet generously given to me by a kind soul who has moved over to Europe for a few years. A lighted cabinet is a luxury not known to me before, rearranging little displays of my odd random collections is such a lovely feeling!

Love these glasses from local op-shops, 60s prints, 50 cents-$1 each.

and the glass shelves do this beautiful glass bowl was a 21st birthday present so it really has taken a very long time for it to find a good home!!

I have some sad news, I am down to hand stitching(good for small projects, hence monsiuer puppy)because my sewing machine is in the repair shop...after developing a alarming cough, of smoke! Fingers crossed for it, please let it be nothing fatal! I do love my janome and it was my mums so doubly I don't want to have to tell her I killed it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

beautiful moments

I wish I could always feel peace within regardless of what surrounds me.
But I am only too human and I sometimes feel furious and disappointed with this culture, this time in history this government and the state of the world.
Climate change, animal cruelty, poverty, child exploitation, sexism, homophobia, racism, etc,etc. When sometimes it all gets too much I need to go to places like this.

When I am away from the noise of the city, from tv,radio, newspapers, gossip I remember there is potential for positive change and joy in each moment, and will and determination can be put towards any goal, perhaps to being very gentle.
This is the kind of image I am keeping of my children, my life, to help me focus on what matters to me. It is a recording a passing but very real and joyful moment.