Sunday, July 19, 2009

quiz time!

This is my first ever quiz! So go on and have a try, it'll be fun!

Which one of these images does not contain a real puppy?




Ha, ha.
Not really a quiz at all... merely a thinly disguised opportunity to post some really cute photos of some leetle, teeny english sheep dog puppies.
The gorgeous bubbas had not even opened thier eyes yet, will I see anything so adorable again?

They are growing so fast, they will be HUGE! Only a few weeks old now and they are making thier first little attempts at barking and are already this big! Its hard to see from these images but they were the size of small guinea pigs...

And the other pup? He is a handsome fellow, I made following a pattern in 'more softies.'
He was made up from a beautiful piece of vintage red and cream spotted linen(op shopped-50cents!!), and he has a instant antique look about him, charming.

He is posing inside the lighted cabinet generously given to me by a kind soul who has moved over to Europe for a few years. A lighted cabinet is a luxury not known to me before, rearranging little displays of my odd random collections is such a lovely feeling!

Love these glasses from local op-shops, 60s prints, 50 cents-$1 each.

and the glass shelves do this beautiful glass bowl was a 21st birthday present so it really has taken a very long time for it to find a good home!!

I have some sad news, I am down to hand stitching(good for small projects, hence monsiuer puppy)because my sewing machine is in the repair shop...after developing a alarming cough, of smoke! Fingers crossed for it, please let it be nothing fatal! I do love my janome and it was my mums so doubly I don't want to have to tell her I killed it!

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thanks for dropping by!.. if you make it to Sydney next month would love to say hi at the S&C show..