Sunday, July 26, 2009

winter delights

These beautiful wattle flowers are so uplifting, they sparkle in the afternoon sun, like the glossy green feathers on this gorgeous duck. My parents love visiting Brisbane in winter and spending time with them helps me to slow down and enjoy these simple pleasures.

It is lovely to have their observations on things I overlook or take for granted. We go places I ordinarily wouldn't and it's both comforting and interesting to have them visit to my home.

It has been chilly at night and some of the breezes-wooh, they get right under your skin, but it's good to be able to pull on the hoodies(see hoodlums below!), scarfs, coats and beanies, for this all too brief season.

These below are my newest little creations-crochet fortune cookies! I need to do some searching to find the right kind of messages to place inside, something comforting and wise? Once this is done they will be ready with all my purses,brooches,etc for the Avid Reader craft market this Friday night.

I am attending for the first time, and am looking forward to being back in good ol' West End...hope to catch up with what other craftsters' are doing and have a cup of tea. I will be deeply tempted by all the lovely books and food inside the store...

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Sam said...

what a gorgeous pic with the hoodies! Luka is such an adorable clown!