Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's a blooming lovely day today !
I feel as happy as this new turtle looks!

I have been hooking away on crochet amigurumi dash robin toys
loving the challenge and using beautiful organic hand dyed yarn.

Loving the weather...the flowers, the scents...yummy spring days.

Spring flowers- northey street community farm, Northey street, Windsor.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

close knit finale

After what felt like an impossibly long wait the Brisbane festivals Close Knit program finished up in a big way this Saturday with a cherry picker reaching to the high limbs of this gum tree to create the most spectacular sight- a knitted tree!

The Close Knit project has been a beautiful community project-life affirming,
joy giving and funI know a few people who think yarn bombing is a waste of resources and time but for me it's a way of elevating the status of both womens work and yarn work.
And I just love the way the colours work, it's such fun to see people noticing, seeing, stopping and examining something familiar because it's been wrapped up in wool.
I love yarn bombing!

It was amazing to look up and see all the individuals work joined together to form a whole.
Knitting and crochet were the traditional skills which provided for the various communities involved in the Close Knit project to come together, to share conversation, create, learn and reach out.
The tree is a perfect symbol to me of the beauty of healthy close knit communities-they are well grounded but also extending, growing and a part of larger systems.

Who(hoooo?) would think yarn could be so useful? ;o)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

my creative space

Excuse me if I ramble...I am typing this with a lump in my throat, having a tears of joy kind of moment. Unexpected kindness and generosity do it to me every time!
This morning first thing I was taking some rubbish out to the bins when I spied a couple of parcels on my doorstop...I had ordered some fabric from Kylie and Cloud of Voodoo Rabbit for a plushy workshop I am teaching next Friday. And here it is-fabulous prints.

So while I was surprised and excited it had arrived so soon(the day after I ordered it!You girls rock!), I really didn't think much more of it.
My sons carried the parcels in for me and as I opened up one, I let one of my sons open the other one.
(Which I thought must be containing the buttons
or something-early morning fog brain thinking..) But this tea box was not at all what I was expecting so I paused and watched as he slid open the lid to reveal these...

the penny dropped, as I saw the note and understood this had nothing to do with my order, from an entirely different source.

It's a gift- from her own collection...hand woven....given to her by her mum...over thirty years old...dear Kirsten, thank you, thank you so very much!!
I am happy, heart warmed and so inspired by these treasures, so now I am off to think, dream and try create something, hopefully reflecting the grace and warmth of your sweet nature,
X Kate

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

school holidays

The lads are on school holidays so we've spent lots of time down at the beach.

It's so wonderful to feel a sense of disappearing, wandering far off out at sea or hiding high up along the cliffs...

We're ignoring the seemingly new unwritten rules of 'children should never do slightly risky things' and 'children should never be outdoors in the rain'

The birds and wiggly wormy bugs seem to find our presence unremarkable.

Mind you the sea anemones might find it irritating being very gently poked with a stick..it's so hard to resist though as they curl up and unfold again, like a bud opening into a flower.

On the home front we've been crafting, reading, sewing, watching sponge bob+ and erky & perky, drawing, etc.
I am working on some new 'i love tea' brooches (after my last one sold on Sunday.)

Some amigurumi experiments have begun too... check in again later this week and we'll see how things progress!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cold, wet holidays...

I am working from one check list after another at moment with the close knit festival events coming to fruition and markets galore.
The Village life market today was lovely as per usual,
Northey street folk are loyal and friendly visitors-rain, what rain? seems to be the attitude :o)

I had a special moment when a very small girl picked out a cat toy created from some remnants of Holly Hobbie fabric, left overs from one of my childhood dresses, kept and given to me by my mum.

She was wandering around cuddling it close and it gave me the warm fuzzies to see something made from a small scrap squirrelled away by mum for all these years being so treasured.

Lovely Alex joined today with her Luna Bloom goodies, including her brand spanking new range of organic lavender scented car freshners-so pretty and practical!
I bought my camera along, err, hmm, unfortunately, I didn't check to make sure the memory card was in it...you can catch her goodies at Avid reader little market this Friday night though-even better than a photo?

I can't leave a post without including a pretty piccy though so here's the beginings of a christmas present...starting early...

and check out the markings on this beautiful insect who landed in my bathroom tonight!


Friday, September 17, 2010

inspiration gathering

I love walking along the beach, the beautiful fresh air and expanses of space all around soothe any worries and clarify my thinking...

and when I have my camera I snap away, gathering ideas and recording...

these images are to help with the latest new dash robin tree brooch idea bubbling away....

can't wait to get stuck in so bye for now:o)

xo Kate

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

thinking pink

The weekend Knitting and crochet cafe sessions were lovely...

The lovely women of Lido cafe, and staff of Vagelis cafe, made us and our groups very welcome over our Saturday and Sunday sessions with free coffees and sweets...

It was wonderful watching beginners tackling learning knitting with a sense of fun and purpose, heartfelt thanks to all who joined in!!

There are plans afoot to create some more breast cancer awareness pink ribbons and decorations for the upcoming Brisstyle mother and baby market, too-more news on this as our ideas take shape.

Now for something completely different...
a recipe of sorts...

Pasta sauce made with freshly picked tomatoes, herbs, a big dollop of olive oil, cumin, salt, pepper, a bit each oats and cooked brown rice.

Bubbling away in it are some meat balls made with organic mince beef, an egg yolk, grated lemon rind, mint, a splash of soy sauce.
You could make this vego by substituting grated firm tofu in the mince recipe.

I pre bake these til they are cooked all over and then let them heat through.

Served up with fresh pasta. Very comforting and filling.

I am in 2 minds about this but have also decided to share the news my old cat Max passed away very suddenly on Sunday.

I am slowly accepting I will never see my dear old friend again.
I am very happy to have such sweet memories of him

Thursday, September 9, 2010

French knot success!

I would love to be able to pop a few French words in here just to celebrate learning a new thing! Champagne! Croissant!
All lovely things and about the only French words I know, so they'll have to do.

They might be clumsy and over sized take a peek above, my first ever french knots!
So excited to have cracked them!A sprinkle of them over things just adds a bit without adding too much...
(this flower hair clip is an old woollen dressing gown, washed until thoroughly felted then cut and shaped.)

Now sorry to rudely interrupt my stitching ravings but I have some nice news now for Brisbane locals who have some time up there sleeve this weekend!
Please feel very welcome to join me
either on Saturday from 2.30-4.30- Lido cafe at 120 Racecourse road
or on Sunday at Vagelis Cafe and Bar- 1 til 3, at 30 Racecourse road.

Bring a hook, needles and some yarn and we can swap tricks...beginners welcome!

I am attending to promote-
the diversity and craftyness of the Brisbane Festival ( a great job)
and also to gently remind all that it's Breast cancer awareness coming up in October
-so pink yarn only please...
Happy crafting,
To creative space travel this way or more recent stitching here or here

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


With all the stitching I have been doing, my thread stash is getting seriously reduced.
So many near empty cardboard thread holders. How sad it all looks. But there's still not enough needed to justify a proper shop for more.

I was ordering some necessary brooch backing pins on etsy supplies last night. One thing led to another and I *somehow* found myself in the waxed linen and hemp fibre thread section...
I held back but let me tell you, boy, my heart was racing!

To calm myself down I played about doing ink sketching/painting of ideas for new dash robin tree brooches.
This rough brown ink sketch on a piece of cardboard picture was loosely translated(?is that the right word) into this...you like?

I have been shockingly neglectful of visiting others blogs lately and tried to get about to my faves and lo and behold I stumbled upon this handmade xmas challenge today at Knicky knacks.
So I have made a
pledge this year...

(with exceptions, I have to get books for my kids!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feel the need to get plushed?

I have joined the clipcafes plush swap.. if you need an excuse to try your hand at making a plushy toy here's the perfect chance!
We might even end up being swap partners-yay!


Sunday, September 5, 2010


My fingers are 'itching to be stitching' lately...
I can't seem to stop making these tree brooches.

I have been looking at beautiful illustrations of trees and even been getting ever so slightly studious and looking through embroidery books to learn new stitches.

I even took my stitching along to the Northey street Village life market today!

I did tear my gaze from my embroidery when this gorgeous butterfly stopped briefly on one of my purses though...such fragile beauty.

The skies were overcast and rain predicted but it remained clear all morning, which for all us stall holders was great!
I value it so much when people approach me and give feedback, the generous suggestions and thoughtful comments inspire me and help me on my way-so big thanks to all who came out in spite of the weather forecast!

And, of course, anyone who buys anything is as always so appreciated, but gee it was extra nice to hear the words, 'really, thats a bargain!' (and you do photograph well, see ;o) !)


P.s-any stitchy crafters out there?
For the life of me I can not work out the french knot...it's embarrassing because it doesn't look at all complicated and I could wait 'til Thursday when I see my experienced crafty women friends... but that seems an eternity right now!! Please any suggestions for a good online tute would be very much appreciated!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Trees and banks and breasts

My latest brooches...what do you think of these?

Felt applique and teeny tiny hand stitched details.
I really like them even if they seem to take forever to make.

But I suppose these doilies took a lot longer to create!
I cleaned out all my local op shops yesterday to fit out a bank in Ascot with these crochet pretties.

I wonder what the customers think?

I also made some bunting out of some gorgeous hand dyed organic yarn.
It is perfect for yarn bombing and stall decorating and I am making more for no purpose at all beyond the fact that it is just so pretty and cheerful!

This installation was placed in the Westpak bank, Racecourse rd, Ascot, as part of a breast cancer fund and awareness raising campaign.
I would have enjoyed creating a themed installation for the cause but unfortunately I only found out the purpose of the installation on the day!

But I still am glad to have the opportunity to remind myself and others to be gentle on ourselves and look after our bodies-eat well, move about a lot, check yourself out and get all those bits checked out. We all hear it all the time - get regular pap smear tests and do breast self examinations but when do you find the time?
How about now?
X Kate