Thursday, September 23, 2010

my creative space

Excuse me if I ramble...I am typing this with a lump in my throat, having a tears of joy kind of moment. Unexpected kindness and generosity do it to me every time!
This morning first thing I was taking some rubbish out to the bins when I spied a couple of parcels on my doorstop...I had ordered some fabric from Kylie and Cloud of Voodoo Rabbit for a plushy workshop I am teaching next Friday. And here it is-fabulous prints.

So while I was surprised and excited it had arrived so soon(the day after I ordered it!You girls rock!), I really didn't think much more of it.
My sons carried the parcels in for me and as I opened up one, I let one of my sons open the other one.
(Which I thought must be containing the buttons
or something-early morning fog brain thinking..) But this tea box was not at all what I was expecting so I paused and watched as he slid open the lid to reveal these...

the penny dropped, as I saw the note and understood this had nothing to do with my order, from an entirely different source.

It's a gift- from her own collection...hand woven....given to her by her mum...over thirty years old...dear Kirsten, thank you, thank you so very much!!
I am happy, heart warmed and so inspired by these treasures, so now I am off to think, dream and try create something, hopefully reflecting the grace and warmth of your sweet nature,
X Kate


Cotton Kiwi said...

That really is a special and thoughtful gift. It has obviously gone to a good home! Loving those prints too!

Chantal said...

How lovely to receive such special yarn to create with. Fabulous colours. Looking fwd to seeing the results!

Can I ask where you teach your plush workshops? Anywher in NSW by chance?

Ky said...

Wow that was quick delivery, I didn't think you would get it until tomorrow. Just goes to show the postal system does work:)

Kirsten said...

so beautiful have me on the verge of tears too with your appreciation. really is something to that bit about it being better to give than to receive (and hey, when i look around me there is SO much stuff i could do a LOT of giving before i even noticed a dint).

Crochet with Raymond said...

Wow, such a beautiful gift, you are so lucky and so deserving!
I can't wait to see the beautiful things you make with this luscious coloured and textured wool!
Also the plushies... that is super cute fabric.
Sad to hear about your cat too kate... it's hard to let our animals go isn't it? When you have had a few hit by cars etc it's so easy to fall into the trap of wanting them inside all the time, but we try to remember that Raymond has his own sacred journey to go on which is bigger than our comprehension....
and we always put angelic protection around him to keep his charming self safe....
Love to your cat in heaven XXXXX