Tuesday, September 21, 2010

school holidays

The lads are on school holidays so we've spent lots of time down at the beach.

It's so wonderful to feel a sense of disappearing, wandering far off out at sea or hiding high up along the cliffs...

We're ignoring the seemingly new unwritten rules of 'children should never do slightly risky things' and 'children should never be outdoors in the rain'

The birds and wiggly wormy bugs seem to find our presence unremarkable.

Mind you the sea anemones might find it irritating being very gently poked with a stick..it's so hard to resist though as they curl up and unfold again, like a bud opening into a flower.

On the home front we've been crafting, reading, sewing, watching sponge bob+ and erky & perky, drawing, etc.
I am working on some new 'i love tea' brooches (after my last one sold on Sunday.)

Some amigurumi experiments have begun too... check in again later this week and we'll see how things progress!


Crochet with Raymond said...

Hello Kate! The beach shots are great! I like the one with the birds running across the front. Good on you for getting your children wet and mucky!
Ha ha I just wrote and deleted this MASSIVE big tangent about a converstaion I had with one of my tutors about the evolution of kids brains... oh dear, it was boring... I've been home alone too long, I obviously need someone other than Raymond to talk to!
Have a lovely week! Your tea badges are totally cute! XXX

Amanda said...

Hi Kate, sorry I've been crap at visiting. Its hard to tell but could be curlew, whimbrel or greenshank. best thing is to look at shape of bill and leg colour next time and you should be able to work it out in a bird book. They must have just arrived for summer! probably very hungry after flying from the other side of the world :)