Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cold, wet holidays...

I am working from one check list after another at moment with the close knit festival events coming to fruition and markets galore.
The Village life market today was lovely as per usual,
Northey street folk are loyal and friendly visitors-rain, what rain? seems to be the attitude :o)

I had a special moment when a very small girl picked out a cat toy created from some remnants of Holly Hobbie fabric, left overs from one of my childhood dresses, kept and given to me by my mum.

She was wandering around cuddling it close and it gave me the warm fuzzies to see something made from a small scrap squirrelled away by mum for all these years being so treasured.

Lovely Alex joined today with her Luna Bloom goodies, including her brand spanking new range of organic lavender scented car freshners-so pretty and practical!
I bought my camera along, err, hmm, unfortunately, I didn't check to make sure the memory card was in can catch her goodies at Avid reader little market this Friday night though-even better than a photo?

I can't leave a post without including a pretty piccy though so here's the beginings of a christmas present...starting early...

and check out the markings on this beautiful insect who landed in my bathroom tonight!


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Maxabella said...

What a lovely creature that moth is! I love the lime green with the chocolate brown he's sporting.

The story of the little girl with the softie you made from that special fabric really touched my heart. So special. x