Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's a blooming lovely day today !
I feel as happy as this new turtle looks!

I have been hooking away on crochet amigurumi dash robin toys
loving the challenge and using beautiful organic hand dyed yarn.

Loving the weather...the flowers, the scents...yummy spring days.

Spring flowers- northey street community farm, Northey street, Windsor.


Chantal said...

Oh that turtle is too cute!

Crochet with Raymond said...

So cute... amigurimi is something I've never tried, I can't see my clumsy big fingers being able to make those tiny little things!
Isn't spring something to celebrate! My soul is rejunvenated.... I'm surprised how flat i got over winter... I notice when I find myself feeling happy for no reason and think *wow*!!! I'm happy just because! I think I need to go and live on a tropical island....
have a lovely week! XXXXXXXXX

Mandy said...

He is such a cute turtle! Well done! Haven't tried little things yet. Really must soon!

teddybearswednesday said...

love your turtle!

byebyebirdie said...

sounds tricky. great photos

melania said...

Looks like such fun making cute little creatures like that!!! xox