Sunday, September 5, 2010


My fingers are 'itching to be stitching' lately...
I can't seem to stop making these tree brooches.

I have been looking at beautiful illustrations of trees and even been getting ever so slightly studious and looking through embroidery books to learn new stitches.

I even took my stitching along to the Northey street Village life market today!

I did tear my gaze from my embroidery when this gorgeous butterfly stopped briefly on one of my purses though...such fragile beauty.

The skies were overcast and rain predicted but it remained clear all morning, which for all us stall holders was great!
I value it so much when people approach me and give feedback, the generous suggestions and thoughtful comments inspire me and help me on my way-so big thanks to all who came out in spite of the weather forecast!

And, of course, anyone who buys anything is as always so appreciated, but gee it was extra nice to hear the words, 'really, thats a bargain!' (and you do photograph well, see ;o) !)


P.s-any stitchy crafters out there?
For the life of me I can not work out the french's embarrassing because it doesn't look at all complicated and I could wait 'til Thursday when I see my experienced crafty women friends... but that seems an eternity right now!! Please any suggestions for a good online tute would be very much appreciated!)


melania said...

Hi!!! I LOVE your tree! Sounds like you're having lovely times over yonder. I'm looking forward to seeing your stitches in person, it's something I've always wanted to learn more of. There's a beautiful Japanese book I borrowed from the library with some gorgeous things in it, will see if I can remember... Xoxox

Crochet with Raymond said...

Kaaaaaaaaaaaate I love your trees freaky bad!!! They're so gorgeous... I want one for my mum too....
I feel like I'm blowing my own blog here but I taught myself french knots to make strawberry booties... and discovered after far too many tries you have to have the thread in a certain direction... I've forgotten now but my post says how!
Have a lovely week,
from Alice and Raymond XX

dash robin said...

Hey thanks Alice! You are such a clever and generous soul, I am going to head to yours right away :0)