Friday, September 3, 2010

Trees and banks and breasts

My latest brooches...what do you think of these?

Felt applique and teeny tiny hand stitched details.
I really like them even if they seem to take forever to make.

But I suppose these doilies took a lot longer to create!
I cleaned out all my local op shops yesterday to fit out a bank in Ascot with these crochet pretties.

I wonder what the customers think?

I also made some bunting out of some gorgeous hand dyed organic yarn.
It is perfect for yarn bombing and stall decorating and I am making more for no purpose at all beyond the fact that it is just so pretty and cheerful!

This installation was placed in the Westpak bank, Racecourse rd, Ascot, as part of a breast cancer fund and awareness raising campaign.
I would have enjoyed creating a themed installation for the cause but unfortunately I only found out the purpose of the installation on the day!

But I still am glad to have the opportunity to remind myself and others to be gentle on ourselves and look after our bodies-eat well, move about a lot, check yourself out and get all those bits checked out. We all hear it all the time - get regular pap smear tests and do breast self examinations but when do you find the time?
How about now?
X Kate


Li-Kim Chuah said...

Those doilies are great - nice and fine and delicate. Keep up the posts - always enjoy looking at your pictures. And loving the new tree broaches (that spelling looks terrible.)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Love those brooch's, they are so sweet! I am bunting mad at the moment as well and have been crocheting up some for the folk festival market here in Oct. :-) Got a yarn bombing plan on the go too!

Kate said...

I love the new tree brooches and I am intriges as to what your display would have looked like in theme.

Kirsten said...

i should warn you now (if you haven't already realised) that doily collecting is highly addictive! they are all so individual and delicate and i can't conceive actually making one myself. and the brooches...well you'll see from your accounts how i felt about those! actually, brooch addiction as well.

Amanda said...

oh i'm kinda over the bunting craze (i like it think that i don't follow the crowd...hmm) but that is super cute, i love it.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh YAY! Two lovely Dash Robin posts in one visit! I was asking you where you had been but where was I!!!!!!!
Lovely shots, isn't spring so healing for the wearly city-dwellers soul?
I love your trees so so much... they're amazing.
And the bunting is delish, loving that organic dyed wool, it's classy crochet Kate!
I so so wish that we could all get together for a crafty morning! wouldn't that be the coolest?
Have a lovely rest of the weekend,
from Alice XX

Anonymous said...

oh miss kate xoxoxoxo just a few of my favourite things !!! trees , trees and trees xoxoxox uv u heaps , oooops and those breezy, wavy trees .. luv u heaps honey bee , lindy loo x0x0x0