Monday, July 18, 2011

Give away time

Give away time! The birds convinced me it was time!

To enter you need to share 2 silly things about yourself and share this give away with at least one person, entered/shared by Friday...fair ?
So friends/family can enter but must share something I don't already know!!
You can enter by leaving a comment here or on my facebook page, if you comment here please make sure to leave an email contact.
And the prize?
A custom made bird brooch (your choice of bird); a mystery extra gift. Includes postage...

To kick it off-
1-I LOVE old musicals-the cheesier the better ('singing in the rain' is the best ever film for me! Good morning to you)
2- As a child I wanted to be an 'olympic' roller skater-dancer
(I can't believe there wasn't and still isn't a roller skate/dancing olympic sport...synchronised swimming and no disco skating-what is that?? hmm, shhhhh, keep this on the down low but maybe I still want to be an disco skater...) :o)

xoGood Luck
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Moois van mie said...

1. i'm a nightowl : I'm on vacation now and every day I say I will go to sleepe arlier... last night it was 4 o' clock again ...
2. n i'm alone, i like to pretend that i'm a very important person and I give advice bout al serious things in life ...

I share your give away with all my followers because I put it in my give awaylist ;)

dash robin said...

I love your cute pretending! Sounds like fun! And sometimes I am a night owl too-night time activities and thanks for sharing :o)

spectacularfairywren said...

well here's to secrets no longer...

i play the piano in my mind, with my fingers counting notes up and down. When I can't sleep, when I am alone and thinky etc... This is weird as i don't actually play piano...

And secondly, I love love love to eat coloured popcorn.

I am on my way to share this with my peeps on the blogosphere

Rie said...

----- I love to do the stupid jerky chicken dance for my bubba - I need no excuse & I do it even in public (yep, I am embarrassed!).
----- I'm guilty of eating Milo out of the tin for a snack!

Christina Lowry said...

I quite often pretend that the car behind me is following me.

I love frozen grapes.


Emily said...

What a great giveaway!

1) I own at least 9 green cardigans. I'm kind of afraid to count them in case I acutally own more!

2) I got told off in my driving test for driving too slowly.

I'll share this on my blog today, thanks!