Monday, May 25, 2009

Home life

We have had a lot of rain lately. In the midst of the heaviest rains I received a call from my sons' school requesting I come and collect them. There were concerns there would be flooding and that if they(and everyone elses kids)weren't picked up, they may be flooded in and stuck there!
We enjoyed being home together, doing jigsaws, painting and talking about monsters.
We also loved meeting our sweet little letterbox friends...these two have decided to beat the rental hikes and shift into a lovely cool industrial looking apartment,and despite the economic crisis, I am not charging them a cent.

Apart from staying in and chatting with frogs I must not forget to pass on my thanks for the support at the Sandgate market. It was a fun day, lots of lovely people stopped and spoke and 'bought for a cause'. It was lovely to be able to support Oxfam. This gorgeous woman bought a brooch from me and placed it on her own funky crochet hat, beautiful, huh? Thanks!

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