Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello all, its great to have a moment to catch up on here, been busy-lots to 'show and tell' ;o)

Firstly, I promised to show this side of the the brooch once it arrived safe and sound, and it has, phew, so meet little fairy wren.

I had fun making it, picking out the coloured threads and 'painting it'

It's embroidery -however- I find that such a fussy or dry and dusty sounding word!! So I'll call it a 'stitchy picture' like Lu, my son does :o)

And these nests have been dropped off to Reverse garbage, they won't be in the shop though as they are going to be part of the "materialistic" exhibition.

I am really happy with the items I made for the show, a few other bird stitchy pictures, a few nest brooches and a playful nest sculpture, using driftwood, shells, vintage buttons, doilies (and whatever was in my sewing stash!!)

I'd love it if you are able to get along to the show, here's the details.

'Course exhibition preps aside, I've still been busy creating crochet and textile bits and bobs for my weekly Village life stall.

I've been enjoying the great winter weather with the chilled out folk on the lawns.

This is a little guy made out of recycled knitwear and scraps of felt, a pocket sized owl.

And he's resting on a neck warmer, one of my favourite things to make lately.

The one below is a free form pattern and was made with some fine and lovely fauve fibres hand spun (my favourite yarn to use).

I tried to make it look textured like tree bark...what do you think?

Hope you've all been happy, healthy and having fun creating, xo Kate


edward and lilly said...

Awww, so much yumminess you've been creating, and I love stitchy picture! I always like to think of it as drawing with thread rather than embroidery, makes the process feel a bit more free :)

Anonymous said...


Not really pc savvy. Thought I may suggest spanish onion for a great natural dye... have fun