Monday, September 12, 2011

Materialistic exhibition pieces

 Hello, thought I'd share my Materialistic exhibition pieces for you lovely readers who can't make it along. 

This is a medium sized sculpture made with driftwood branches, collected at my local beach and bound with some coloured threads. 

 The nest is attached to one of the three pieces of wood and is constructed out of linen thread, wool, doileys, buttons, shells, embroidery cotton and was made using free form crochet and embroidery techniques. I made it so it can be played with and arranged differently, it could even be added to.

In a similar vein are a few nest sculptural brooches- obviously scaled right down!

This little bird brooch features some wool felt and a scrap of antique kimono. The kimono piece is the red silk on the tummy of the bird and has some lovely gold paint on it. It was a tiny fragment left over from the works I made for the Hanasho Gallery 'Reincarnated Kimono' exhibition held in April of this year.

I will update with the rest of my pieces soon. 
If you are able to go along you'll find so much more than just my work on display-there are some truly gorgeous and unique homewares, accessories and cards created by some very talented locals...the commission of sales goes to Friends of the Earth too :o) 

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