Monday, May 20, 2013


We spent some quality time with my family this Easter, the boys, Sitara and I. We LOVE our family time but getting there is challenging (almost 2000km trip) Its sometimes hard to with the kids, they are occasionally impatient about the long days in the car. I always thought it'd be easier once they weren't toddlers...hmmm.

But the journeys have their moments, this is a red capped robin we spotted in Victoria while driving near Echuca. Even though we often miss stuff driving in such long stretches on highways the little stops and observances along the way do mean a lot to us.

Upon our return this furry fella had disappeared. He returned a fortnight or so later looking shabby and skinny...he was ever so purry/grateful to be home.  He quickly regained his weight and is back to his usual behaviour, biting toes and swatting us when he's hungry. He's laying on top of the lovely blanket Sitara made by the way!

There has been much crafting, with my boys learning some skills while hand stitching some lovely owl softies at the Woodford Planting festival...

I spent some time dyeing and spinning with gentle natured Mel. The weather has been dry-after a summer and autumn of near continuous rains it's a wonderful thing to be able to dry yarn!

 During my classes I have been learning about tree species and weeds. I spend a lot of time collecting plants. I always keep an eye out for fungi, I loved the colour and stripes of this one which had come up on an old stump.

I have also been trying out new skills propagating native seeds...I'd been puzzled by the lack of growth in this tray at home. Hmm, she found herself a sunny soft spot, maybe she thought they needed hatching??

Til next time, happy crafting

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