Sunday, February 10, 2008


This little guy is my dashrobin. He sits on my dash board, looking cute and cheery.
dashrobin designs. Sorry, but I just like writing those words. It took me about a month to come up with a name and at times I was going sorta crazy, even resorting to web searches of name generators...they are hilarious and there was also the name I came up with and thought was okay until I told some older ladies...but that's another, hello! And welcome!
It is the second day of spring which seems kind of fitting to be writing up my first blog entry. This blog is where I will share whatever is inspiring or happening around me...this weekend I think will be very juicy and exciting because I am off to Melbourne for a fashion show and fundraiser for Biddy bags. Its hosted by thread den and Biddy bags is a social enterprise of a dear friend of mine, Sam and I am excited for her. It is incredible when someones dream becomes realised, and even more so when the dream is such an inclusive and beautiful one. You can read more about her wonderful stuff here...

I will be bringing along some of my latest pieces, brooches which I have truly enjoyed making. Each one is different and follows no pattern,
there are clouds

and cloud flowers

and fuzzy flowers

and ones that are left up to your imagination...

I will have hopefully lots to share when I return from my trip, catch you then,


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