Saturday, September 6, 2008

Victorias charms...

Well it seems I am back in Brisbane, I am slowly thawing out and am ready to update...

I so loved my trip. I spent one day in Ballarat with my dear brother and his family and was given so much. Sam gave me a amazingly generous load of wool and the gift of fun and play with my niece and nephews was priceless.
We visited a gloriously huge sized park, which I have dubbed the hundred acre woods and it was such a fun way to start my holiday, romping around with my little loves.
I had to leave them, all too soon, and head back to Melbourne for the thread den fundraising night. The show night was y'know fashion, frivolity, freezing. There were many chats about clothes and detailing and oohing and ahhing. The clothing was beautiful and I met some really sweet people, doing things that I really admired and felt inspired by.

I got some great ideas and feel really supported by the response to my projects and the pieces I had bought along.
This sample scottie dog felt brooch was popular and didn't return home, but I know he is in good hands.

I woke up Saturday morning with a bit of a flu but refused to surrender to it! As I wandered about lusting over way too expensive designer everythings I occasionally took breaks and hit myself up with juice blends. I had an amazing juicy power drink from a cafe called 'sustenance' So to the naturopath that works there(yes, a consulting naturopath in a cafe, how cool is that!?), your mix really did seem to help, thanks!
I also think florentines may well have undiscovered healing powers, in any case I am happy to be a guinea pig in any potential florentine medical trials!!

Melbourne is such a mixture of high art and design and street art and street spins me out...the close proximity of the grand with the gross is amusing. I will finish up now on my favourite sight of all in Melbourne, it just made me laugh...

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Sam said...

I'm so glad you had a good time - it was wonderful to see you... xxx