Monday, September 22, 2008

melbourne graffitti

Just a short post today, following up once again from my little whirlwind trip down south. It would be nice to have some photos of some completed purses and other objects but I have been struck down with some virus or other so I will use this opportunity to revisit my love affair with Melbourne!!!
My god, I loved all the street art, stenciled, pasted, sprayed, its everywhere. I was like a kid in a candy shop.
This was a more obvious styled graffitti, but it caught my eye because of the lovely blending of the pretty colours...
Melbourne has a lot of grey walls, and a lot of grey skies, so these hits of colour make the place come alive.
It's obvious, art and culture is really important, design and image are present everywhere, from cafes decorated beautifully with cute paintings, to street signs to fashion shops with ceiling murals.
Another good thing that happened was meeting some inspiring people. One person I was lucky to meet at the thread den market was Katja, who is the creator of these sweet pieces of lovelieness. This is a beautiful journal she has made from recycled materials...sigh, so sweet, hey?
It was great to talk with someone who has a similar philosophy, and who makes such stunning things out of found objects and remnants. You can check out her stuff here: and she will be selling her work at these markets; so keep October the 19th free.
Brisbane still has my heart though, and I am inspired by so many things around me, the weather is glorious again, the colours bursting out all over!
hope you're enjoying these days tooo000!

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