Thursday, September 18, 2008

spring days

Spring has sprung. Along with my youngest son, I visited the botanical gardens in Redcliffe today. We checked out all the fantastic colours, flowers, leaves, bark, water reflections. In between wanderings, I lay beside my son on a blanket crocheting.

I have quite a collection of wools and was recently given 3 extra bags so I literally have no room to store it all anymore. Instead of trying to make it fit, I am instead using it as fast as I can! A pile of crocheted rectangles and lining fabrics will hopefully be purses by the end of this week.
The wools are mostly organic, 100% wool and have been dyed with a mixture of natural and chemical dyes. They are so beautiful and soft to use, I am seriously worried they will spoil ordinary wool for me!!

I am turning over the thought now of experimenting with dyeing. I keep dreaming up gorgeous shades of custom dyed wools. Mmmm, rich reddish brown, like the colour of the moist, delicious chocolate mud cake from the Three Monkeys CafĂ© in West End or y’know so I have been told…ahem. Okay, I need to get out more!! It’s just the idea of using specifically coloured wools to create things excites me…this much!!

I stumbled across this Anais Nin quote while reading (for the second time) The Hip Mama Survival Guide by Ariel Gore. By the way, I recommend this book in a HUGE way. Who could not love a writer who advises if anyone gives a breastfeeding mum a dirty look for nursing her toddler in public, she should "squirt 'em in the eye." Not a mother but a motherrrrr!
Anyhow, the quote below sums up how I am feeling about spring and kids and life as I love living it so I thought I’d share it here;

“The presence of young lightens the world and changes it from an oppressive, definite, solidified one, to a fluid, potentially marvellous, as-yet-to-be-created world”

but in case you think, wow she is deep, there was also this one…

‘I did what I could and I deserve a beer” Thanks to Ani di Franco.

…which maybe I liked as much if not more than the first.

Anyway, ‘stick around for joy’

and check this out….

and this….

P.S-I also recently checked out a cool book on the art of amigurumi, which is a Japanese craft of crocheting small cute animals. And I love this.

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Sam said...

don't worry about getting used to the 'good stuff' wool-wise, I'm happy to continue to be your supplier/pusher/dealer/enabler ;)