Monday, September 29, 2008

new, fun, fun.

I am a happy little camper with my 2 juicy new sewing/plush b'day books full of inspiring goodness.

One is 'bend the rules sewing' and it is written by Amy Carol who is pretty "big" in the blogging community with her crafty-cooking blog It has lots of cool easy sewing projects and is designed to introduce sewing to absolute beginners in a fun and friendly way.

First up I need to make the woodland elf hats,
not only for me and my boys but don't you agree this one would look a bit special in one as well?

The other book is 'plush you' by Kristen Rask
who is a toy store owner and gallery curator.
It is chock a block full of the cutest and oddest little soft toys you could tips and advice. Out of all the how-to toy books I have seen this is easilly the most open ended, much more than a pattern book. I love all the different toy makers question and answer details and the special little tips. Oh and if you get your hands on a copy, check out the authors photograph, she is as cute as any of the toys.

My dad is not well right now so I need to make him an owl like this, asap. Someone to watch over him, right?

So with all this sewing to be going on with, where shall I find time to crochet!?

Never fear, I have found time lately to whip up this brooch...

and this purse...

and this brooch...

and I am working on of all things a mushroom, yep, a crocheted mushy. Will post as soon as it is fully 'grown'

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