Wednesday, April 1, 2009

new designs...

I am much happier with these...its all in the placement and colour of the type, indeed it is. Thanks for the tips.

Apart from making last minute posters I am in the midst of applying brooch backs, plushy faces and doing those fiddly, finishing off bits and am enjoying it all immensly. It is amazing how many un-finished projects I have around me! They are rapidly becoming lovely little finished projects and it is a joyful feeling to see the little bits and pieces all adding up to create little stacks of cuteness.
And speaking of cuteness this sweet book came home with me yesterday. I was walking home via the city and had just bought myself a hot chocolate to cheer myself up (relationships can be such fun, no?) Anyway, I promptly spilt half of it down my t-shirt. Not so happy. But there I was outside a bookstore-what's a girl to do? It was too hard to resist, I mean look at it, isnt it the sweetest thing...
'making is one of lifes great joys. The sweet simplicity of making something with your own don't need lots of experience, you don't need to be an artist, you don't need to be standing in the line that says good with hands...navigate the choppy-yet-pretty seas of crafty knowhow and you'll realise that sometimes things work just beautifully.'
pg7, Meet me at Mikes.
I hope art and life combine and things work just beautifully,

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