Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello all! I am down to my 2 last markets for the year this weekend! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by and how much has been going on! I am heading down to Victoria to spend some good solid time with my family in the town where I grew up. It has a beautiful river with red gums growing on the banks and it should be looking pretty healthy as the rains have been falling there.
What are your holiday plans? I plan to read and take photographs of the special places I loved from my childhood.
These are the books I picked up from my local library;
Last Child in the woods by Richard louv, which is about why we ate spending less time amongst nature and how this can be changed.
The social entrepeneur by Andrew mawson, which looks into social enterprises and is written by one of the leading writers and planners in this field,
and last but not least ;Kitchen table sustainability by Wendy saarkissian, which is about too much and which is too good to try and sum up here. I would link for you but my iPhone says 'no' so google them! :0)
I am having my second last stall (for the year) tonight at the avid reader bookstore, which is hosting a booklaunch at the same time.
The book is one I am yet to see is a handmade craft special, and it will be interesting to meet some of the contributors of the book and even see 'for real' what they have made! Books and craft-yay!
If you'd like to come along; avid reader, boundary street, west end, Friday night- tonight( think my blog date is out of whack for some reason)
From 5.30-8.
Cheers xkate


Li-Kim Chuah said...

oh no. so when i am there i won't get to see your stall! shame. actually i think i am going to twilight markets in city on fri nite
i wonder if it will be any good

Crochet with Raymond said...

Good luck for your last two markets!
I hope you sell heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaps!
I'm meant to be doing a market tomorrow, selling all the stuff I sell in shops and USED to sell in markets, but it's blowing a gale here and raining as well.... send us some good weather vibes kate!!!!! I'm nervous!!!!!!!
I hope you have internet access during your stay so we don't all get Dash Robin withdrawals ha ha ha :OP

dash robin said...

Oh you'll dig the twilight market for sure- cool old retro qld family film footage is being projected onto walls in the laneways. So bummed you won't get to catch me up here!
And don't worry, I will be blogging in a more regular and photo filled fashion from Victoria!

Amanda said...

thanks for your lovely comment, possies are ok so far.

have an awesome christmas! it doesn't feel like summer down here in vic yet but maybe it will warm up by the time its christmas : )