Wednesday, December 22, 2010


hello! I have lots of yummy new photos here today!
I was very lucky and my dad was well enough to take my lads and I out to one of my favourite places-Mitiamo rocks. Its called Terrick Terrick national park now, but has been a state forest, a pine reserve, etc, etc, over the years and has always been known to us as the Mitiamo rocks.
These are a native flower-lots about, very pretty. They are called chocolate lilies-apparently they taste like chocolate!!

This chubby wallaby is a black wallaby or swamp wallaby. Very tame and let us come quite near. Its beautiful to see such a healthy wallaby, nourished on the lush growth of the recent heavy rains.

This area has a long history-caves and waterholes where my kids play have been sheltering people for thousands of years.
This ancient tree has scars left on both sides of the trunk, healed marks where great areas of bark were carefully removed to make small canoes, large carrying bowls, and other useful implements. Its a beautiful piece of living history.

This river red gum area is usually quite dry, a small depression though, in this season has become a swollen creek. The trees can survive, even thrive in flood waters, and the brilliant green growth is a welcome sight after years of drought.

And this is my holiday projects...crochet hats. It was the first time of using fpdc-what a headache it was too learn, badly written instructions-but the result looks lovely-almost like cabled knitting. I ran out of yarn mid way so it became a lad sized hat :o)
But I have bought some delicious 4 ply yarn and am making myself one, and its so much easier to follow (i.e-bend the rules of the pattern) the second time around!!

Hope you are all finding ways to nourish yourself this season,

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Wendy said...

Yummy photos indeed! I seem to be "nourishing" myself with holiday sweets. oops!