Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is the new January.

Hello, I am currently enjoying one of those exciting periods when I am feeling very, very inspired! I have some delicious new fauve fibres yarn to play with so I have begun making some completely made up as I go along shawls. My sewing machine is seeing some action too, my works been aided by the lovely books I am borrowing from my local libraries. One I particularly like is 'sew green' Its a fantastic resource for crafters who love using Vintage and recycled materials in their work. It's helping me see lots of things in a whole new/old light. My worn out flowery bed sheets are now my new pyjamas.

They are cotton and so soft and I couldn't part with the funky 60's flower power pattern!

And here's my puss cat Tripitaka getting very cozy with my new op shop scores-two cute crocheted lap blankets, half felted together from years of use.

These two blankets are going to become large floor cushions. Once I get them made I plan to use them both at home and to bring along for the story time sessions in the children's garden at Village life market at Northey street. I reckon they will bring a touch of nanna style comfort to the proceedings!

However much crafting fun I am having I can't ignore what's going on around me...is February trying to compete with January in the dramatic weather stakes? 'Floods? Pfft, I can do better than that, howza about a cyclone...or 2' says Feb.

Fortunately there is quite a bit of advance warning and information and hopefully all the people making safe their friends, pets, families and neighbours are feeling like they are preparing and not panicking.

Queensland is big, actually scratch that, Australia is big, and Brisbane is a loooong way from this area, so down here we are safe as can be.

But I do wish people the world over very well and hope we all keep doing all we can to help...however please don't forget to cover yourselves properly, if I see one more person wading through contaminated water and mud wearing thongs I am going to scream!
Besides who wouldn't want to wear this seasons must have fashion shoe...

Wishing you calm, deep joy and lots more, from here,

to where ever you are,


Baa-Me Kniits said...

I've just been getting my wellies out of the shed!!! Usually its just crocs (the FNQ Wellie) but you are right you never know what is being washed in by the weather.....battened down the hatches here so hopefully going to be OK?? Its a weird feeling of trepidation in town today!

Crochet with Raymond said...

your new PJ's are soooooo lovely, and how cool are those upcycled granny blanket cushions going to be???!!! Loving your upcycling, it is deeply inspiring....
I've been listening to updates on the radio, it is all so intense, wishing the best for everyone in Australia right now....
Have a lovely rest of your week and enjoy that continued inspiration!

Vic said...

I loooooove those PJ's! We're north of Brisbane and it's been a scary time of late for sure! xx

Michelle @ The Crafty Little Fox said...

You are a clever girl. I never thought of repurposing sheets like that! I have done it with cotton shirts before. That was really fun. Full of good ideas you are. Yes, I think your white gumboots are awesome and quite sensible. You could decorate them with illustrations with permanent texta if you wanted to make them stand out from the crowd.

Michelle Walker said...

My home made PJs from a retro sheet are my favourite...i can never wait till they are wash and back on again...nice job

Bec said...

Hmmm yes indeed - why the thong has become the clean up foot wear of choice is a little bit of a mystery to me too.
So nice to be home and love your pj's.


Kirsten said...

oh, i saw something about your new PJ's and old bedsheets somewhere and wondered if you had this book too...mine are all falling apart all of a sudden and was interested in those from the start. be very interested to know what you think of the fit (have been debating whether to attempt cutting a pattern from a pair of old ones instead or to go this way).