Friday, February 25, 2011

whale of a time

Its been awhile since I have had a chance to almost feels new to me! And maybe thats because I freshened up my layout and have added some new tabs up top there too. This was because of some *helpful* feedback about people not being able to find my dashrobin things...
I hope this makes it a bit easier?
Anyway, I am back because I am excited to share my new dash robin whale design drink bottle carry bags...I designed these to reflect the beauty of this big gorgeous bay I live in, blue and green and added some whales for fun. It's hard to imagine looking at the bay from the shore that far out at sea they travel past, on migration each year. When I have been lucky enough to see them they are a spectacular, majestic sight.

The water tote bags are made out of recycled blankets and knitwear. Usually I find some items or are given items which may have been accidentally shrunken partially in the washing machine or perhaps have been damaged by moths. I wash them-really thoroughly- at least twice. Not because they are dirty(they never are-people are pretty good about giving me only fresh things) but as part of the felting process. Then I air dry them in the sun and's where the fun starts....I start to chop and sew!

These have been such fun to work on, my kids love them and I hope others big and small will too! The first 'batch' of them are in stock at Reverse garbage, which is having its re-opening celebration this Saturday...find all the details here.

Reverse garbage in Woollongabba is one of my favourite places in all of Brisbane-for years now it has been such a brilliant resource for my dash robin goodies. My favourite 'must buy' purchase is probably their large cardboard storage barrels. They are excellent for storing fabric stashes(but none of us would have a problem storing our crafts supplies would we? ;o) but are also good for toys, clothes, magazines, tools, anything! The brown cardboard surface is perfect for customising with painting, drawing or applying decoupaged fabric or paper...

I will be heading in to the celebration around lunchtime so say hello if you are there!
Or you can catch me on Sunday at Village Life-I will be finally setting up a stall again-it feels like its been so long since I have set up there too, but it's been wonderful to spend more time behind the scenes with new and existing stall holders, I am excited to see many of the producers setting up stunning websites-here's one of my favourites luvyabubba!

Anyway, if you come along on Sunday you can meet Michaela and see her sweet dolls and also get a bit crafty yourself. I am offering *free* crochet lessons-I will be providing a hook for your use and cotton yarn, and I will be showing you how easy it is to make yourself your very own wash cloth!
seeyou round,
xo Kate


Chicken Willow said...

They are adorable. There's just something about whales.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Thats great Kate :-) I have been doing crochet lessons as well at our local coffee lounge, every second Thursday....who would have thought!!