Monday, August 17, 2009

spring cleaning

I have been rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in-spring cleaning (only a couple of weeks too early) cleaning and sorting my sewing room. a joyful activity. Sorting through pretty remnants of linen and vintage cottons suits me down to a t.

I visited my favourite garden shop on the weekend with my two best fellas and then together we created a little garden bed-strawberries, rhubarb, broccoli and snow peas! Yummmm! I also made a herb garden and my biggest dream or hope right now is to have surplus, enough to share. I have a friend starting a small business making organic dips and it'd be lovely to be able to share with her...fingers crossed I may be able to do some bartering for her blue cheese and cauliflower dip-its divine! She lives a few blocks away so that'd be really cutting down on food miles too.
Our tomatoes and Chinese cabbage are doing really well but everything is probably a month or two off fruiting(or is it vegetabling!?) For almost instant gratification I cut the ends off and replant spring onions continuously as I use them, tonight I harvested a couple and added them to my dinner. Nothing beats that kind of fast food- grabbing something metres from my kitchen is much faster than shopping!

Even bloggy here has been touched by this spring fever! Hope you like the changes...big thanks to patient Lisa, such a sweetie!

I will be back at Avid reader this Friday-hope to see you there...

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