Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sweet books...

Two books have been on my wish list for over a year now, and 2 days after ordering them they arrived at my door...
The creative family is written by well known blogger Amanda Soule Blake

Her warm and wise blog writing has been a life line to my creative soul for many years, I love her kind soulful insights which she shares so generously. This book is one to refer to and pick up many times, full of projects, philosophies, photos and fun. I only wish I had a copy around when my kids were younger. My afternoon activity with my kids is all planned out-felt beads!

The other arrival shares some of its title with one of my favourite bbc shows of my childhood, 'the good life.' Anyone who ever watched the episode when Barbara made Tom a handsome nettle dyed wool suit(styled with such 70s flared flair!)would surely have to agree it was a brilliantly funny script.
So anyhoo, this book is by Linda Cockburn and sets out the story of a six month attempt at living cash-free by her family. Snippets of their story were published in the magazine Earth Garden and I couldn't wait to read more. Self sufficiency is an impossible goal(to my Buddhist influenced interconnected way of seeing things) but in my view the desire to live more lightly on the earth is something deeply admirable.
And another link, to Lindas' blog-http://www.lintrezza.blogspot.com/

I am a perhaps overly bookish person and have decided to impose a no reading til my kids are in bed rule, so that I actually get work done! So tonight they are going to bed at 5pm, fair hey ;o) ?

I am tackling the disorder of my work room today and have spent nearly two hours sorting fabric-it is now very well organised-shelved and folded and arranged by fabric type-pure cotton, linen, fleece, etc. Let's see how long the tidiness lasts.
The next step will be sorting and 'dealing with' the huge collection of unfinished pieces. Its time to be ruthless because there is over 50 things stacked in a large messy pile, half knitted scarves, half sewn wallets and bags, plus oodles of half crochet-ed bits and bobs. Any that are are too complex(i.e-too stuffed up!no idea what I had planned!) will be tossed the local op shops way, tis high time something went back!

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