Monday, August 31, 2009


in and out and up and down.

Breathing? Lifes journey? No...weaving.

I borrowed a book on weaving for my youngest son today, as he has been using the spikes of a dinosaur toy as a little frame for his own unique weaving process. Thought it might interest him...nup. But I liked it, making up the little cardboard loom and weaving the yarn around. So I recommend this book maybe for kids but definitely for grown ups.

The littlest one has been laid up with a badly sprained ankle, the result of him "play-falling' from a flying fox. The aim of the fall was to fool people into thinking he had hurt himself.
"And it worked the first time mum, but then something happened" Oops.
This weaving thing was an attempt to amuse him(and keep him occupied and give me some much needed breathing space!)

Having spent too much time indoors and reflecting instead of creating, I was feeling a bit glum today and went out and burnt a sizeable hole in my pocket buying some gorgeous fabric...its green and striped in a swirly-ish way with gold and is fabulous darrhlinks! I searched high and low to try and find an image of it but can't (damn that google image!)so stay tuned for some pictures of it "in" something(it's in the washing machine right now!)

I have this idea to make one of everything from some of my groovier sewing books(!!)-to learn to use my machine better and to work out which patterns are good to make. Material-check. Machine-check. Patterns-check. Time and oomph required to make it happen-checkish....

Along with pocket burning fabric I also got some of this repro 30s story book printed cotton-too cute to will get cracking tomorrow as little one goes back to school in elastic bandage.
BTW I do use recycled materials almost always...sorry but desperate measures are sometimes required to lift flagging spirits!
p.s-I think the vehicle of choice for a dashrobin would have to be a large wheeled tricycle!

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