Tuesday, December 15, 2009

gentle hands

I had an early Christmas party with my sons and used recycled wool felt sheets as wrapping with recycled ribbon fastening to cover their gifts...

and once opened the felt became a play mat for the small toy pieces...(which was very handy with a keen lego fan to please and for my other son with a his magnet construction set!)

I spend my life wondering how to live an enriching and generous life which will sustain us all.
To be with my kids is so important and valued, I want to be with them as much as I can. So I craft around them and include them in my work and social life. It is made so much easier when friends are supportive and inclusive of children too.

The gentle hands and loving imagination of the wonderful people in their life help shape them into the kind of people who care and support others. They also reflect what they see, what is said to them and shown to them and this keeps me on my toes in a really grounding and valuable way.
I like spending time caring for other peoples children too and as my lovely friend Melania said to me, it is an absolute privilege to be trusted to look after someone else's children.

and hopefully one which will bring a LOT of joy!
It can help to connect with nature and the senses, viewing the world from a much littler persons perspective...
...and it also allows the wonder of an unfettered imagination to exist freely...

I am very excited to be making some secret presents for my most special little ones this week, not sure who will be reading this so I can't reveal much yet...but felt+cute+love=smiles!


Sam said...

how lovely Kate. I know I need to be more mindful of what I say, as often I hear the same words coming out of my kids mouths and some of it sounds terrible! (I particularly need a bit of reminding when it comes to expressing my views on others driving abilities ;) )

dash robin said...

haha, driving is the place for faux swear words, especially when someone drives near in a 4 wheel drive chatting on thier mobile phone! can't wait to see you!