Wednesday, December 16, 2009

last market of the year...

This Friday is the last little market of the year, it all seems to have gone by so quickly.
This was taken at one of my earliest market nights, very shy looking aren't always feels a little daunting in the lead up to any event, standing right behind your products, especially when so much care and attention has been put into their creation. Its exciting, also scary, no p.r person to hide behind...but I get so much encouraging feedback and it always ends up being a really enriching experience. (this photo from the lovely

Anyhoo, I am totally looking forward to having a happy pre Christmas celebratory evening. I plan to have some of yummy wine, eat some tasty nibbles' and catch up with the sweet, oh so sweet, wonderfully gifted crafty women who have shared such a lot of fun nights with this year.

I always love seeing new things everyone is working on, these are my latest'...

They are bookmarks and came about because we are all contributing a gift towards a hamper of goodies for the owners of the bookstore(Avid reader, Boundary Street, West end)which hosts our market. So I was thinking of something I could make for a book-lover.

...and then once I had made one, I was a bit chuffed with it and got a bit carried away.

Au revoir for now, and looking forward to seeing lots of dear people before I take off on hol's for a bit!

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