Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meet me Monday

Welcome to my first ever 'meet me mondays' where I am giving over my blog space to introduce some artists to you...I get to combine my love of craft and community and for me it's a joy to approach people who I genuinely admire and pick their creative brains!!

My first lovely local 'meet me' craft maker is Chrissy. I am always fiddling with the cute as a button eco ring she swapped me for one of my brooches at the Avid market which she attends once monthly. I love her jewellery and her joyful way of recycling...so over to Chrissy...

"In my Community/Public Art work I love making art accessible and collaborating with people, and love working with kids.

Sharing creativity rocks my world, especially if it’s also environmentally friendly!

I LOVE scrounging around op-shops for beautiful fabrics and funky materials to upcycle into jewellery and whimsical mixed media artworks. I have a fabric fetish and love pushing the pedal to the metal on my trusty PFAFF sewing machine!!

I use loads of recycled/reclaimed materials...there’s an element of alchemy in turning junk into something beautiful...something really special about finding inspiration from discarded items ~ they’re usually so unique and individual. I also feel proud that I’m diverting waste through my artworks and eco-art workshops.

I’ve really honed in a few op-shops that are still run by charities, with true, old-school stock without the exorbitant prices. Gimme gimme good ol’ op-shops! Digging deep through shelves and drawers in an op-shop like this is heaven for me! I’m also a regular at Reverse Garbage in West End, Brisbane ~ always a treasure trove of wacky goodness!

The first time I create something...I love the rush of (the feeling of) being a kid again and running up to Mum saying ‘Look what I made!!’, except now hubby has to be the one to look all starry eyed at my newest arty adventure....when I create something and it becomes a range, my first eco-brooch, my first mixed-media artwork, or my first fabric eco-ring.

I’ve recently come across an AMAZING artist who goes by the name of Eve’s Little Earthlings. She makes fantastic tree-lookalike stuffies out of old wool jumpers, which she salvages from op-shops. Trees + recycled materials?! You had me at ‘hello’!


If I had 5 minutes of fame I’d spend it showing parents and kids how to make art using things they’d normally throw out. There’s SO much waste the average family can reduce by getting creative! And what a great way for parents to spend quality time with their kids.

decorated planter pots made out of recycled milk containers,

colourful wrapping paper using painted newspapers,

hand-made journals using recycled printed office paper,

flower mobiles using bottle tops and tin foil,

animals out of cardboard containers and carpet off-cuts."

Chrissy generously shared the thoughts behind her work with me -it's only through others that my intention to promote ethical creative business and positive interconnections between folk can be realised so if you'd like to be involved drop me a line... I hope you enjoy meeting me on Mondays to meet others!





Cotton Kiwi said...

Great interview Kate! I'll pop over to her blog for a visit. Her work sounds amazing. I wonder if I can track down some of those old school op shops when I'm over in Brizzy?!

Bec said...

It's so nice to get the background on creative folks and get an even greater appreciation for their beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

what a cool monday post! I love the first artist's keyrings! Have a great day!

Trulyana said...

It's so wonderful to read about what you do and your passion for it too Chrissy. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and thank you for hosting this lovely idea Kate. :)

Eve's Little Earthlings said...

Hi Chrissy...I wish you lived in Guelph. Then you could pop over for a cup of tea and some crafting with my friends on Liverpool St. There are so many kids on this street. I would love a mural facilitated by you!

Unknown said...

Brilliant interview. I was agreeing with everything. Trhe tree stump just cracked me up... It's fantastic.. Thank you for sharing :)