Monday, June 28, 2010

meet me mondays-school hols- special guest

Welcome to 'meet me Mondays' where I am using my blog space to introduce some artists ...this week my featured artist is very close and dear to me!
So over to Luka...

This is so cool because it glows-I made the shapes stand up. I don't know how they did it(made it glow). It was in goma.

I love pretending and wombats are funny looking-a bit like koalas but they don't have such big ears. This one was made of stone-I look a bit like him, we are both not real wombats.

I am sculpting now with plasticine. This is the loch ness monster chasing a boat- nearby is a whale squirting another boat right up into the air! Plasticine is better than play dough. It's not sticky or gooey and you can put things into it without it mixing together.


I like bright colours, green is my favourite, when I look at it I feel peaceful...plants, grass and some snakes and frogs have green skin.

This funny drawing is from a very long time ago of a fairy wearing big boots.
Drawing is my most favourite thing of all to do.
Mum sewed this picture after copying my drawing.
( traced onto some linen-great how to site )

Keep scrolling down for a special drawing...if you want to, you can click on this picture and save it to print's good for colouring and there's lots of space above so you can draw something else on it!Luka generously shared the thoughts behind his work with me -it's only through others that 'meet me on Mondays' can work, so if you'd like to be involved drop me a line...


melania said...

Loved hearing from Luka! His creativity is wonderful. And I especially love the loch ness monster coming out of the water.

Happy holidays all!!

lunabloom said...

love this post!! i really like Luka's whale squirting a nifty
here's to much creative crafting and drawing in the holidays

Li-Kim Chuah said...

The Loch Ness Monster is the best but my fave is the last drawing. It's super cool and I want it on a tshirt!

dash robin said...

Luka says 'you can print it onto a t shirt if you want'

Cotton Kiwi said...

Way to go Luka! You've got a very talented boy there! (the lochness monster scene is awesome).

Bec said...

Great to hear from Luka. One of his originals is taking pride of place on our fridge. Love the Loch Ness monster.

Amber said...

You totally just reminded me that I want to embroider some drawings my kids make. Thanks for the reminder! And this one is great fun! Love the feet! :)