Sunday, August 1, 2010


Wow! I am so excited right now because in about 2 hours time I will be creating loopy playful fun in the abc Brisbane radio studio. As part of the Brisbane Festival close knit project the abc studio is being 'yarn bombed', which means it is being covered in woolly goodness, wrapped, decorated and hopefully beautified by the presence of some lovely crochet creations.

I have been busy making up some new pieces for market and this event as well as teaching crochet to people participating in the close knit is wonderful to realise I can teach even without a common language.
Yesterday I worked with people of french and south American heritage and I have been working with women from Burma and all over Africa; Burundi, Liberia, Ethiopia, Sudan, etc...crochet has opened my life up to so many rich experiences, I could never have dreamed of!
My market stall was fun to set up this Friday once I had conquered my is always tricky when I haven't had time to plan it out.
I had been making lot of new hand crafts, little tree, nest and bird brooches and was intent on finding a way to show them well.

The market was wonderfully atmospheric and I will share some more pictures and words about it tomorrow!

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Crochet with Raymond said...

Wow Kate! If I found your stall at a market, I would be one of those people who stands there for AGES going "wow! look at thiiiiiis! This is sooooo cool!" And then hopefully buy something or two!
Hope you sold heaps of your awesomely cool creations and had a fun time!
Did you use that huge doily for the yarn bombing?