Sunday, August 8, 2010

meet me monday

Welcome to a meet me Monday mini interview.

Meet Jack, a young artist fascinated by science fiction, mythological creatures and crytpozoology.
'I do lots of drawings, I have a box full of more drawings than you would see in any gallery, so I only have time to share a few.I made a colouring book once and this one didn't fit in.

Its a cryptozoologic creature called Kongamato, which in African language is the overwhelmer of boats. I love reading about creatures like big foot and Kongamato and the search to find them. This one is flying over a waterfall.

I drew this one last Christmas and it is a hunting scene.

It is a fight between a carnivorous alien deer and vicious raptor like creatures. The blue areas are the gaps of sky between clouds. I felt really happy how this turned out!
Most of my pictures now are of aliens or monsters but I started drawing years ago, when I was very young. I drew lots of animals, especially Bilbies.

This picture is a cyborg dragon with metal horns and a gun on his paw.
He comes from the future and his time machine is too small to have built in controls so it has a remote control. It was a lot fun drawing.

I once saw an exhibition of Ron Mueck. He makes sculptures of the human body out of silicone. Some of his artworks were so real looking you'd expect them to come to life and start walking around, you could see wrinkles on the fingers they were that detailed!

The only one that didn't look realistic was an enormous face which didn't have a back, like a mask.

Another artist I really like is
Patricia Piccini. I have seen her works on the Internet. She does work sort of like Ron Muecks' but she makes sculptures that are half animal-half human. The pair I like most are of 2 half human-half meerkats.

I would love her to make one of half-animal-half human creatures protesting against animal scientific experimentation, maybe protesting against growing ears on mice.

I love to read and love my imagination. I enjoy thinking about creatures and I would like to make sculptures of aliens and write stories.


Li-Kim Chuah said...

I'd love one of these colouring books.

dash robin said...

And so you will :0)

Crochet with Raymond said...

Wow, cool pics!!! Isn't he talented!
I saw a Patricia Piccini exhibition about 4 years ago and WOAH! It took me a while to "get over it!!" I had to have a breather afterwards, it tripped me out bigtime!!!!!
Cute post!

Anonymous said...

wow, i think this kid has superb talent. So clear with his words and his pictures show a truly creative and talented mind. I too would love a coulouring book or something i can put up on my fridge to make me smile every day.