Monday, August 23, 2010

Waking up. Village life market.

The mornings have been beautiful here the past few days.

I am not often up and outside at 5.30 am to appreciate them.
Even the dew drops on the large, verdant, healthy,err.. slightly unwanted plants
(ahem-ever present weeds) look pretty.

I had my first go at the Village life market at Northey street on Sunday.

It was freezing in the morning air as we set up but Angies felt creations looked so fuzzy and warm in the sunlight. It rained before the weekend and its raining again now, so yay for market clear skies.

We had an excellent time, the space and people were as sweet as could be.
Lovely Anaheke-thankyou...turning up to find the tent set up was simply wonderful-wouldn't it be great if every market you went to was like this?!
And if every customer was this cute?!


Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh I love that little beanie! Is it one of your own patterns? I really want to crochet one for my little fairy god daughter...

Amanda said...

spring will be here soon! i just read further down that you used gum bark to get that caramel colour, that's fantastic!