Wednesday, October 20, 2010

creative space pretty things.

I spent some time with lovely Sarah Campbell in her new salon, it is sooo beautiful!
She has been working hard and has cast a careful eye over every detail. My favourite detail is the beautiful original art deco light
And check out the wallpaper, isn't it just divine.

And she has teamed it with this...perfect.
Her salon is not your run of the mill hairdresser, she has created a beautiful serene space and has carefully sourced cruelty free and organic products.
For now I have left some tree, bird and flower brooches but I have some little thoughts bubbling away about designs which will suit the's inspiring to have my work in such a lovely place.

I made a little sign up for my display, with this collage, one of my first dash robin pieces, back when I thought I would sell coasters(!) Anyway, it is still one of my favourite images and I hope suits her decor.

Onto other things now, I enjoyed the clear skies yesterday, didn't you?
Being creative is so fun when you can sit outdoors, working under a shady tree with birds telling their tales in branches above.
I sat in my yard working on some crochet and noticing...have you ever observed how many Australian native plants have red stems and shoots in spring? They look almost edible they are so fresh and rich coloured- like berries.
And I was so excited to realise the poor, stunted (cut down, now re shooting) Jacaranda tree in my backyard is blooming too...what a survivor!

have a beautiful week,
link if you are playing along with kootoyoo here

p.s- please click here to find out more about Sarah's hair and make up services


Chantal said...

Such a sweet collage! Love the contrast of colours and patterns.

natacha lee said...

The Robin suits perfectly with the bird theme, I like.

Wendy said...

Love your little bird and cup...did you ever sell any coasters?

ana @ i made it so said...

very cool decor. and i love the little birdie in your header!