Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today has been such a goody I just have to share!
I met up with a friend for a walk along the beach early this morning. We had a great laugh and got some good exercise(even if we were overtaken by the hard-core walkers.)
At the end of our trail we discovered a beautifully constructed fairy like village made of collected beach treasures. It was entirely made of flowers, little leaves, shells and twigs...and was so detailed with fences and pathways, trees and beach huts...thanks to the unknown maker for bringing some wonder to our day...

After such a lovely start to the day I headed into Northey street to help with the winter solstice preparations-weaving bamboo into big paper lantern baskets for children to carry in the parade to the main bonfire. It was so relaxing and fun weaving them. We dried them by hanging them in a tree-don't they already look so pretty? I can't imagine how beautiful they will be once they are painted and lit on the night! Bring on the 25th June!

After this it was back to my normal routine, but luckilly I always enjoy the regular O.T appointment one of my kids has after school, the therapist is so sweet, it's like catching up with a dear friend.
By the time we arrived home it was getting dark and cold...and look what was in my mail box!

Beautiful hand knitted socks-a completely out of the blue gift! They fit me perfectly and feature beautiful flowers on the toes and heels. They brightened and warmed me up and are the most super wonderful gift ever. I didn't need any extra reasons because she's such a gem but I am reminded of how much I really love and am loved by my sis-in-law Sam tonight-thank you dear one!!
I have got warm fuzzies fizzing all over the place tonight after such a special day, I hope some blow your way!


Sam said...

and I have warm fuzzies knowing that your feet are warm and encased in woolly goodness and love xxx Much love to you and yours xx

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Oh Kate - BEST DAY!!! I imagine you letting out little squeeees of delight at the fairy garden and sock package! YAY days!

rockmelon said...

love, love, love those socks! Is there a pattern i can use from your sis in law?

Catherine said...

Those socks ar absolutely lovely!