Monday, June 27, 2011

winter nurture

The kids and I a had a nutritious 'flu fixing' mid winter meal tonight; Buckwheat and brown rice with potato, carrot and tofu lightly salted with soy sauce! Organic too...those bugs don't stand a chance! And some lovely music to go with it? My favourite musicians, Swedish lasses Amiina to the rescue with their crazy beautiful song Pusl

I caught the little one but missed the late night big bonfire of the Northey street winter solstice celebration. The fire funs not over for us yet though, we will be having our own beach midwinter bonfire on the foreshore with some driftwood and palm fronds.
And we'll take our beautiful beeswax lantern candle, made by my lovely friends Peter and Anca. (If you want a gorgeous beeswax lantern too, come along to Village life this Sunday or find out about them here)
Do you do anything to mark midwinter? I had a look at the wikipedia entry on winter solstice celebrations and there is so much diversity, some really fascinating rituals and cultures...anyway whatever you do I wish you a happy winter solstice!

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