Wednesday, June 1, 2011

crochet power

Hello! I had such a lovely day in the King George Square today teaching crochet and chatting with visitors to the Brisbane Saviours of the lost arts festival and market.
Thanks very much to the organisers, to Sally for inviting me to join, to Penny and Mel who came on board at the last minute and to all lovely women who came and sat with me and gave crochet a go!
For the newies; I hope you find a good crochet/knitting group nearby to continue your good work-here's some links to some groups in Brisbane where you can find out about meet ups and projects...good luck!
Knitting for needy and this site is the ultimate resource for knitting/crochet-ravelry

(I'm dash-robin on ravelry and don't forget you can find me at Village life market, Northey street, Windsor, Sundays 8-12.)

I was really impressed by every ones skills, patience and enthusiasm today and was so happy to see those newly made crochet flowers going home with excited new crocheters...
I forgot to take my camera and as I spent most of my waking hours the past few days making lots of the crochet flowers which decorated the square I am a little annoyed with myself right now!
But the space and indeed us crafters seemed to be the subject of about a billion photos!
(No offence to anyone snapping away, because I love taking pictures too, but my word, it was like crafting paparazzi!), if anyone has any photos of the events please let me know! I'd love to share them...

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