Monday, January 23, 2012

free economy-sharing

 I have a friend Lindy who makes delicious healthy food under the business name Satori which she supplies to cafes in our area.

She asked me to take some photos for her-what do you think? I wanted them to convey how fresh and natural her ingredients are. 

I like taking photos even though I am not trained in it and am sustained by being able to do things just for the joy of it. 

I spoke at Turnstyle which is a community space in Highgate hill late last year about dyeing. The talk was for a group called freeconomy (free+economy) and so I spoke about free or very cheap dye stuffs.

Afterwards I tried out these ceylon spinach berries. 

When cooked in hot water with some wool I got a very pale pink shade. A friend of mine tried the berries on cotton and it didn't work at all.
I have not tested it for lightfastness but suspect it won't be very permanent. 
The main thing I have learnt from mucking around with dyes and natural materials is how complex it is! 
There are some great resources out there though to make it easier....
heres some blogs;
naturally dyeing   beautiful photography
re skilling with dye  fascinating and diverse
dyeing tutorial for gum barks  very clear instructions/photos for yarn dyeing with eucalyptus
Dyeing with Eucalyptus  notes with information on mordants
inspiration India Flints website

One book I recommend is
The handbook of natural plant dyes by Sandra Duerr
I have to mention though some of the dye effects are perhaps exaggerated I think in the book-I'd suggest if you go in expecting subtle natural results you won't be disappointed.

Are there any books or resources for sharing skills which you find helpful? What do you enjoy doing or sharing?

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