Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy new year

Hello, happy new year! What's 2012 going to hold? I'm sure that I am not sure o.O Hopefully visits to more sites like these?

 I visited a lovely friend (heya Mel) yesterday and said I really didn't know what I wanted to do this year. She gave me a high five... *SO* happy... 

I am thankful for big hearted beautiful friends, family, for love. I want to travel again because I love being out of cities and I want to live lightly on the earth. What do you want? What are you thankful for?  Maybe you want a free cute owl calender ;o) ...go here to mix and match some cute pictures to print out.

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melania said...

Naw, high fives and catch ups are SO good. Looking forward to the mysteries of the new year. Gav and I started a list of all the out-of-the-city things we'd like to be doing this year, I'll send you a copy!!! xo