Friday, January 27, 2012

weeding and gift making

We have had rain bucketing down here the past few days so the ground is totally and completely sodden at my place. I took the opportunity to pull out some fish bone fern which grows around the back of my house. I also broke apart some comfrey growing nearby and popped in chunks of root where the soil was bare and loose.
The lovely border of comfrey began as a piece of comfrey root given by a permaculture friend.  It's awesome seeing it take off in the garden to the point where now I would be able to give some away too...

Apart from weeding I am making some crochet gifts for friends from a pattern on ravelry called twitterpation.
If you are on ravelry say hello-my name on it is dash-robin.

The yarn I'm using is a gorgeously rich multi dyed one hand dyed with some help from a lovely friend-I love the yarn 100%  but think the random colours cause the ripple pattern to get a bit lost?!


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