Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a little green friend...

After feeling less than excited about crafting for a while I was very excited about a new shawl I was making. A sweet yet simple crochet shell pattern, made up with a thick black cotton yarn. The yarn ran out.. so I thought it might work to mix in a nice green yarn. Which, alas, was a totally different ply, which made the top bit bulge out all over the place like a muffin top and stuffed the whole thing up. I have 'yanking apart a messed up project fingers' now too, humph. At least it will be easier to follow the pattern now I have had practice at it...lesson learnt-read the instructions *especially the yarn required* section.

I was going to take a 'in progress' picture of my new shawl, instead here's the frog

that visited my kitchen last night

when I accidentally left my un-screened window open. Cute. It's a native green tree frog, quite lovely to have around. And also of note is that it is sitting on clean dishes!!
This site has the best resources about froggies, even has recordings of their croaks so you can identify by sound what might be in your area...I think it's a bit cool...

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Amanda said...

what a lovely guest :)