Monday, January 11, 2010

morning lovelies and night sweets

Been photographing like a mad thing lately...around my backyard 'meadow', capturing these beautiful visitors. Ladybugs are so sweet and cute, watching them awkwardly clamber over the tall grass stalks is such fun-it must be a lush jungle from their viewpoint.
This heron has been popping in each morning, such a careful bird, so graceful, too flighty by far to sneak up on, so this image was taken through a window.

I have not been taking many of my work lately, cos not a lots being made! In between trips to the pool, the coast and visits from friends there has not been much time or energy for anything substantial! But a few nights back this was snapped, Lukas' new green sleepy friend. I allowed little Lu to select a colour, from all my wools, cottons and yarns. And the one he chose was a yarn carefully recycled from my dads old favourite jumper, which more than thirty years ago was hand spun, dyed and knitted by my aunt. Warm fuzzies. He is sitting in a bag of rickrack ribbons.

These packets are not my usual mess of un sorted craft materials; my mums' friends have been going through their collections and passing their un-wanted but special things along. Oh, I love them-they supported and put up with me as a kid...and a teenager...and still so generous and sweet to me!
groovy 70's orange and green embroidered rickrack... yards and yards of vintage embroidered ribbon-navy blue,red and yellow....white ribbon with red roses...really beautiful.

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